Wording for Giving Money Instead of Gifts for a Birthday


September 25, 2022


When it comes to birthdays, we all have different ideas of what makes the perfect celebration. For some of us, nothing is better than a big party with all our friends and family. Others prefer a more low-key affair, spending time with just a few close loved ones.

And then there are those who would rather forego traditional gifts in favor of something that feels a little more meaningful—like giving cash instead. If you’re considering going the cash route for someone’s birthday, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, it’s important to be clear about why you’re doing it.

Are you trying to save money? Or do you simply think that this person would prefer cash over material possessions? There’s no right or wrong answer here; it really depends on the person whose birthday it is.

Once you’ve decided that giving cash is the way to go, it’s time to figure out how much to give. A good rule of thumb is $20 for close friends and family members, and $50 or more for anyone else (like coworkers or distant relatives). Whatever amount you decide on, be sure to present the cash in an attractive way.

No one wants crumpled up bills stuffed into an envelope! Instead, take the time to put the money into a nice card or even design your own creative container (a mason jar filled with candy coins always goes over well). A thoughtful presentation will show the birthday girl or boy that you put some thought into their gift—even if it was just cold hard cash.

When it comes to birthdays, many of us default to giving a gift. But what if your loved one would prefer cash? Asking for money can feel awkward, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here are some tips for how to word a request for monetary gifts on a birthday invitation: 1. Be specific about the amount you’re hoping for. Something like “In lieu of gifts, we would appreciate $20” is direct and takes the guesswork out of how much cash to give.

2. Explain what you’ll be using the money for. If you’re saving up for something specific like a down payment on a house or a new car, let your guests know! They’ll be happy to help you reach your goal.

3. Keep it lighthearted. No need to get too serious when requesting cash instead of gifts – after all, it’s still a birthday party! So have fun with it and make sure your tone reflects that.

4. Thank them in advance.

Clever Wording Ideas To Ask For No Gifts On Birthday Invitations

In Lieu of Gifts Wording for Child’S Birthday

It can be tough to come up with the perfect way to ask guests for money instead of gifts for a child’s birthday. After all, you don’t want to seem like you’re asking for a handout! Here are some ideas for “in lieu of gifts” wording that will get the job done without sounding tacky:

If you were thinking of giving a gift, we would be just as happy if you made a donation to [charity name] in our child’s name instead. In lieu of gifts, we would appreciate donations to [child’s college fund/medical expenses/etc.]. Thank you in advance!

Your presence at our child’s birthday party is present enough – but if you insist on bringing something, a book for our little library would be lovely.

No Gifts Necessary Wording

No Gifts Necessary Wording When it comes to wedding invitations, there is a lot of etiquette to consider. One question that often comes up is whether or not you should include wording about gifts.

While it is perfectly acceptable to include such wording, some couples choose not to do so. If you are undecided, here is some information about no gifts necessary wording to help you make a decision. The main reason why some couples choose not to include mention of gifts on their invitations is because they feel it puts too much pressure on guests.

Many people already feel obligated to give a gift when they receive an invitation to a wedding, and adding specific wording about gifts can make them feel even more so. For this reason, some couples prefer to leave the decision entirely up to their guests. Another reason why some couples avoid mentioning gifts on their invitations is because they believe that doing so creates an expectation for lavish and expensive presents.

They fear that if they request only modest gifts (or no gifts at all), their guests will be disappointed. However, this concern is generally unfounded – most people understand that weddings can be expensive and are happy to give whatever they can afford, regardless of what is mentioned on the invitation. If you do decide to include mention of gifts on your invitation, there are a few different ways you can word it.

A popular option is “Your presence at our wedding is the greatest gift we could ask for.” This communicates your preference for attendees over material possessions and takes the pressure off of guests who may be struggling with what to get you. Other common phrases include “Gifts are appreciated but not required” and “In lieu of traditional gifts, we request donations to [charity].”

These options make it clear that giving a present is nice but not expected or required – perfect for those who would rather skip the registry altogether! Ultimately, whether or not you include mention of gifts in your wedding invitation wording is entirely up to you and your partner. There’s no right or wrong answer – just do what feels best for the two of you as a couple!

Cash Money Instead of Birthday Gifts

If your child’s birthday is fast approaching and you’re short on cash, don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to celebrate without spending a lot of money. One option is to give your child a “cash birthday.”

Instead of buying gifts, simply put some money in an envelope and let them know it’s for their birthday. This can be a great way to teach kids about budgeting and saving. Plus, it gives them the freedom to buy whatever they want!

If you decide to go this route, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure you include a card so your child knows the money is from you. Second, consider giving a larger amount if your child is older; $20 for younger kids and $50 or more for teenagers.

Finally, think about what kind of message you want to send with this gift. If you’re trying to teach your children the value of money, consider accompanying the cash with a note explaining why you chose this gift. Whatever you decide, remember that it’s the thought that counts!

A cash birthday can be just as special as any other type of birthday if it’s done with love.

In Lieu of Gifts Wording Birthday

If you’re looking for the perfect way to let your guests know that you would prefer they not bring gifts to your birthday party, look no further than “in lieu of gifts” wording on your invitations! This simple phrase communicates your wishes clearly and politely, ensuring that everyone understands what you would like – or don’t want – for your big day. Plus, it’s a great way to avoid any potential awkwardness around gift-giving (or lack thereof).

So, how do you go about including this type of language on your invites? Here are a few examples of what you can say: – “In lieu of gifts, please consider making a donation to [charity].”

– “Your presence is present enough! In lieu of gifts, we ask that you make a donation to our favorite charity.” – “No need to bring anything but yourself! In place of presents, donations will be accepted for [cause].” Of course, you can always adjust these phrases to better fit the tone and style of your event.

The important thing is that you communicate your wishes in a way that is both clear and respectful. After all, it’s YOUR birthday party – so you should get to decide what kind of atmosphere you want!

Wording for Giving Money Instead of Gifts for a Birthday
Wording for Giving Money Instead of Gifts for a Birthday 4

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How Do You Politely Ask for Money Instead of Gifts for Birthday?

It is perfectly acceptable to request money instead of gifts for your birthday. Many people prefer to receive cash because it allows them the freedom to spend the money on whatever they want. If you would like to politely ask for money instead of gifts, there are a few different ways you can do so.

One way to request cash instead of gifts is to include a note in your birthday invitations asking guests to bring money instead of a gift. This ensures that everyone knows your preference before they arrive at your birthday party. Another way to ask for cash is by sending out thank you cards after your birthday party and requesting money in lieu of gifts on those cards.

Finally, you can always just directly ask friends and family members for cash instead of gifts the next time they see you. Whichever method you choose, be sure to be polite and thankful when requesting money instead of gifts. Remember, it is always the thought that counts!

How Do You Say Money in Lieu of Gifts?

If you’re looking for a way to politely request money instead of gifts for your upcoming wedding, there are a few ways to go about it. One option is to include a note in your wedding invitations requesting that guests give money in lieu of gifts. You can also mention your preference for cash gifts on your wedding website or registry.

Some couples choose to specify a dollar amount that they would like each guest to contribute, while others simply ask for whatever guests are comfortable giving. If you decide to go this route, be sure to thank your guests graciously regardless of how much they give. Keep in mind that asking for cash gifts may not be appropriate in all cultures and situations.

For example, close family members and friends may feel obligated to give more money than they would otherwise spend on a physical gift. If you have any doubts about whether it’s appropriate to ask for cash instead of gifts, err on the side of caution and stick with traditional presents.

Is It Rude to Ask for Money As a Birthday Gift?

It’s not rude to ask for money as a birthday gift, but it is more common to ask for other gifts. If you’re close with the person who is asking for money, they may just be joking around. Otherwise, it’s perfectly acceptable to ask for cash instead of material gifts.

Many people prefer to give and receive cash because it can be used however the recipient wants. It also doesn’t require the giver to put any thought into what the receiver might want or need.

How Do I Ask for Birthday Contributions?

When it comes to asking for birthday contributions, the most important thing is to be clear and upfront about what you’re looking for. Whether you’re hoping for cash, gift cards, or even just some good old-fashioned presents, make sure your request is specific. This way, there’s no confusion and everyone knows exactly what they need to do.

One great way to ask for birthday contributions is through a crowdfunding site like GoFundMe or Kickstarter. This way, you can set up a page explaining why you’re raising money and what the funds will be used for. Plus, it’s an easy way for friends and family members to contribute without having to worry about shipping gifts or anything like that.

If you’d rather not use a crowdfunding site, another option is simply sending out an email or Facebook message asking for contributions. Again, be clear about what you’re looking for and provide instructions on how people can contribute (i.e., Venmo account information, PayPal link, etc.). You could even include a link to an Amazon Wishlist if you’d prefer people buy gifts that way.

At the end of the day, there’s no wrong way to ask for birthday contributions – as long as you’re clear about your intentions from the start. So go ahead and put together that request – your friends and family will be happy to help make your birthday wishes come true!


It can be tough to decide what to give someone for their birthday. If you’re not sure what they would like, or if you’re on a budget, giving money is always a good option. But how do you make sure the gift is still personal and thoughtful?

Here are some ideas for wording when giving money as a birthday present. “Happy birthday! I hope you enjoy spending this money on whatever you please.” “Wishing you all the best on your special day. Here’s hoping this money helps make your dreams come true.”

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