9 Adorable Infant Valentine Gifts To Make The Holiday Special


September 4, 2022

Adorable Infant Valentine Gifts To Make The Holiday Special

Valentine is not only for grown-ups. Little kids also deserve gifts on this day. These adorable special gifts are sure to bring a smile to her face.

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and everyone wants to shower their loved ones with some sweet treats. This year, why not surprise them with these adorable gifts? From plush toys, here are nine great gifts for kids-

Here are 9 Adorable infant valentine gifts to make the holiday special- for your little one.

There’s no denying that Valentine’s Day is a big deal, but what if you want to give your child something extra special? I have some great ideas for you. These ideas will help you create unique, memorable, sweet gifts to make any baby smile. Here are nine cute gifts for your little one-

Super Smalls Happy Hour Bracelet

This is a super cute bracelet that you can wear everyday. It’s made from recycled plastic so that it won’t break your bank account and will make you smile when you put it on.

The bracelet has been hand cut into pieces to create the design. The beads are strung together with thread. This bracelet is approximately 1″ wide by 4″ long.

Snuggle Puppy

In the form of a rhyming song, “Snuggle Puppy.” tells the story of a love story. Even the youngest children will enjoy this book’s cartoon animals and the story. With its “little love song” theme, this is the perfect book to read to your little love on Valentine’s Day or any day of the year. This is the ideal gift for kids.

Your baby will love it as soon as they read this book, thanks to its fun sing-along language and thick chunky pages.

Carhartt Infant/Toddler Knit Hat

No matter your child’s weather, this hat will keep him warm, whether he’s playing in the snow or bundled up for cold weather. The hat features the brand’s signature logo and fold-over brim and is made of 100 percent acrylic. It’s available in many different colors. Even though it’s a holiday celebration, we love the pretty pink color.

GUND My First Teddy Bear

A teddy bear plush is a perfect gift for your sweet Valentine. Designed for all ages, GUND’s huggable bear is machine washable and ready to cuddle. The 10-inch and 15-inch sizes are available. Regardless of their size, the bears are manufactured to the highest safety standards and have embroidered eyes and nose details, ensuring that they are safe to touch for children of all ages. This is the perfect gift for kids.

Super Smalls Happy Hour Bracelet

I love this bracelet. It’s so simple, yet it looks like you spent hours creating a masterpiece. I bought the gold-plated version, but there are also silver-plated versions available. The bracelet is only $5 at SuperSmalls.com.

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Lovely Baby Cushion Cover

Give the baby a cozy place to sleep with this lovely cushion cover. Made from soft fleece fabric, this cover is easy to clean, durable, and comfortable.

It measures 8 inches wide x 11 inches tall and comes in three bright colors: red, blue, and yellow. This is one of the classic gifts.

Trico Diaper Bag

If the baby needs a diaper bag, then look no further than Trico. They’re stylish, functional, and affordable. You can customize the bag with images, text, or even glitter ink. And best of all, every single item sold through their website is completely customizable. For example, you can get a messenger bag that says “Happy Birthday,” a wallet that says “Mommy & Me,” and even a backpack that says “Daddy.”

Babywearing is becoming more popular, and the Trico carrier is perfect for carrying your newborn while out and about.

Heart Pop Fidget Toys

Fidget toys are a great way to help children with ADHD and other developmental disorders focus, calm down and control their emotions. They can also be used as reward tools for good behavior in the classroom or at home. Fidget toys can be found at most toy stores. Many of them have been designed specifically for kids with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Some fidget toys are marketed toward adults who struggle with anxiety and stress. It is also very famous among all the kids because it’s so fun to with. This is one of the cool gifts.

Babyletto Mini Stroller

The Babyletto mini stroller is a lightweight stroller that folds easily into the trunk of a car or small SUV. This stroller has a rear suspension system, making it easier to maneuver over uneven terrain. This stroller is suitable for infants and toddlers weighing between 20 and 50 pounds.

The stroller features a reclining seat, adjustable footrest, cup holder, storage basket, sunshade, and canopy.

Nine ways to celebrate valentine’s day with infant\toddler

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s time to start planning fun activities with your little ones this year. We have compiled a list of nine great ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day with infants and toddlers.

1) Do a heart craft project using popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, glitter glue, or other materials. You could even make a “Valentine’s Day” themed playdough recipe.

2) Play a game like a hide and seek or peekaboo. Have them look for something special they want to find hidden away. When they find it, please give them a big hug and kiss.

3) Make some Valentine’s Day crafts together. Try making valentines, hearts, or love letters. Using popsicle sticks, paper plates, chalkboard paint, crayons, or markers, create your own unique creations.

4) Create a “love story” book together by drawing pictures and writing about your favorite memories. Include details about where you were when you had those moments, what was going on at the time, what you did during those times, etc.

5) Do a family photo shoot. Take photos while having fun playing games, doing arts & crafts, eating snacks, watching movies, reading books, etc. Use props (like balloons, flowers, stuffed animals, etc.) to add interest to each picture.

6) Give your child a homemade card or letter to share their feelings. Write down what makes your baby happy or sad, what they would like to get, or what they wish for.

7) Go outside and enjoy nature together. Look for birds, butterflies, trees, rocks, etc., and talk about what you see. Ask questions such as: What kind of bird? What does it eat? Where do babies come from? Why don’t they stay inside?

8) Watch funny videos together and act silly. Get creative and try different actions and sounds. For example, pretend you are talking to someone who isn’t really there or say “I’m so hungry” repeatedly.

9) Sing songs together. Start with nursery rhymes and sing along. Then move on to songs about love, friendship, happiness, etc.

10 Baby Games to with babies at the valentine’s party

Babys at any party mean stress. From picking games to deciding on a theme, these 10 baby shower games will help ease the stress and keep everyone entertained.

If you’re hosting a baby shower, you know that baby shower games are one of the most important aspects of the party. The right baby shower games will ensure that guests feel good about themselves, and the hostess will be able to relax knowing everything went well.

If you’re in charge of planning the event, here are ten easy baby shower games that will both entertain and impress.

1. Pin the Tail On the Donkey – This classic game has been played since the beginning of time. It involves two people sitting across from each other, with a tail attached to the person who is wearing an ugly shirt. Each player tries to pin the tail on the donkey first. If they succeed, they win; otherwise, the other player wins.

2. Name That Tune – This simple game requires players to guess which song is being played. They must identify the artist, title, and sometimes even the genre of the music. The first player to correctly name the tune gets three points.

3. Pass the Parcel – A box is placed underneath a table for this game. Everyone sits around the table, and whoever opens the package first receives a prize. Whoever holds the parcel longer wins.

4. Egg-citing Game – Here, participants are required to stand up, face away from the group, and hold their hands behind their backs. When told to turn around, they reveal their hands. The game’s objective is to have the most eggs when everyone turns around.

5. Guess Who’s In My Family – This game is similar to “Name That Tune,” but the participants are asked to guess which family member is playing the song instead of guessing the song. Players get five points for every correct guess.

6. Blindfolded Musical Chairs – This game is great for parties where there is dancing involved. Participants sit at opposite ends of the room, blindfolded. One by one, they are led into the center of the circle. Once they are there, the host begins clapping his hands in rhythm. As soon as he stops, the players race to find out whose feet are closest to the beat.

7. The Mummy Game – This is another fun game that doesn’t require much skill or knowledge of the participants. All they need to do is put their arms out straight in front of them, palms facing up. A participant is chosen to act as a mummy, while the rest of the group acts as babies. The mummies are instructed to grab the babies and try not to let go. The last baby standing wins.

8. Baby Shower Bingo – This game can be used during any type of baby shower, whether it is formal or informal. Players write down words relating to pregnancy on cards. Then they draw numbers corresponding to the words on a bingo board. Once all of the words are covered, the winner is determined based on how many numbers she got right.

9. Ring Around the Rosie – Another game that can be played at any party, especially ones involving children. The game is straightforward to learn; it only takes a few minutes to set everything up. During the game, players must touch someone else’s hand, ring finger, elbow, shoulder, etc., with their own fingers before getting a chance to answer a question. If they fail to follow the rules, they lose a point. The person with the highest score after ten questions wins.

10. Tickle Me Elmo – To begin this adorable game, two people are selected to serve as tickle monsters. The other guests are instructed to line up against the wall. Each tickler starts at the head of the line and tickles each guest until they fall over backward. The first player to knock over four people gets the next round.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Baby Gifts?

Find a present that won’t just be pretty, but engage their senses too.

What Are the Best Baby Gifts for Valentine’s Day?

You can choose from onesies, blankets, toys, and more.

What Are Some Baby Books?

There’s also Slumberkins Snuggler and Board Book (view on Amazon), which gives little ones an animal friend to snuggle and helps children understand feelings.

What Are The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Kids?

If you want a sentimental gift, check out a gift that can be personalized or handed down through generations.

What Are These Valentine Gifts for Kids?

These Valentine gifts for kids will totally show kids how special you think they are, and there’s nary a heart-shaped box of chocolate in sight.

What Should I Wear on Valentine’s Day?

Ages 3+ Valentine’s Day is almost synonymous with Primary’s rainbow-heart PJs.

Do you like pop fidget toys?

The smell of chocolate-covered strawberries goes along with its squishy, stretchy fun. RELATED: 10 Best Pop Fidget Toys


Choosing the perfect gift for kids is challenging because there is so much to choose from, but it isn’t easy to find one perfect. You will find those above ideas for gifts for babies helpful in determining what to give your baby.

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