21 Ideas for Gifts Your Son Will Actually Use and Love


September 23, 2022

What factors are most important to consider when buying gifts for your kids?

Buying presents for kids can be tricky. There are so many options out there it can be overwhelming. What should I get them? Should I go shopping at the mall or order something from Amazon? Or maybe I should give my child some cash and let them pick their favorite toy?

It’s always good to try to include items they’ll use. That way, they won’t throw away the present after opening it. Also, don’t forget to consider other aspects such as cost, safety, quality, etc. These 21 ideas will hopefully inspire you to develop unique gift ideas for your children.

21 Ideas for Gifts Your Son Will Actually Use and Love

Your son is going to be a man soon. He’s growing up, he’s getting taller, his voice is changing, and the way he dresses is evolving. It’s time you started thinking about gifts that will make him happy and help him grow into an adult. If you want your son to remember those special moments with you, these are some great ideas.

1. A Gift Certificate for His Gym Membership

This one is perfect if your son loves exercising. You can buy him a gym membership or just invest in a gift certificate. Either way, he’ll appreciate the fact that you took the time to think of him.

2. A Gift Card for Dinner Out

Most parents are too busy working all day long to cook dinner every night. So why not reward yourself by taking a few hours off and cooking a nice meal together? Get a card that allows him to choose where to eat, what to order, and how much to spend.

3. A Gift Card for Groceries

The same concept applies here. Instead of buying groceries, you can give him a gift card that lets him choose what to put on the grocery list.

4. A Gift Card for Toys

If your son likes toys, this is the perfect gift. Buy him a gift card for a store like Walmart or Target. Then, he can pick out whatever toy he wants without any pressure.

5. A Gift Card for Books

Another great idea is to buy a book for your son and give him a gift card to read it. He can choose which books he reads, and he can even share his favorites with you.

6. A Gift Card for Music Lessons

Getting music lessons is a big deal for many boys. Give your son a gift card to a local studio or instructor who teaches classical or jazz guitar. He can learn anything he wants.

7. A Gift Card for Sports Gear

If your son plays a sport, he’ll definitely enjoy having a new pair of athletic shoes or gloves. This gift he will surely love.

8. A Gift Card for Bowling

If your son loves bowling, then you know he’s probably already got everything he needs. But, if he doesn’t have a set yet, why not treat him to a gift card to a nearby bowling alley?

9. A Gift Card for Movies

Why not treat your son to a movie ticket? Pick a popular show or something that he hasn’t seen before.

10. A Gift Card for Concert Tickets

If your son loves listening to live music, then this is a great gift idea for him. Find a concert near you and purchase tickets for him.

11. To My Son Canvas

Make your son feel loved and supported with this inspirational To my son canvas. What a great piece of home decor for his bedroom. This premium canvas print will brighten a room. Obviously, you can adjust the information for your son based on his exact name and number. Just follow the instructions when placing an order to add your personal information. You can now look forward to receiving a masterpiece in the near future. this thoughtful gift will surely melt his heart.

12. Lovable Son Pendant

This sentimental pendant is the perfect way to show your love to your beloved son. This jewelry is made of high-quality surgical steel with a shatterproof liquid glass coating and an 18k gold finish option. If you want to make a truly unique piece of jewelry, don’t forget to add a photo of your loved one or even his pets. It is possible to engrave a name, special date, and other text on the back of the item if you choose the custom engraving option

13. Custom Bracelet for Teenage Boy

You can’t go wrong with a Custom Bracelet as a gift for your son. The reason is that they are both aesthetically pleasing and meaningful.

You sent your son a symbol of your love and affection even if he lives far away from you. You can also use these goods as a way to commemorate a significant turning point in your son’s life since we all go through so many important experiences in our lives.

14. Personalized Photo Frame

A personalized photo frame is a wonderful way to express your feelings toward your son. This product is very useful because it allows you to display photos of your son at different stages of his life.

15. Personalized Wall Clock

Your son will appreciate this personalized wall clock. It is a good way to tell time and keep track of the day.

16. A Special Present for Son – Glass Handcrafted Jar

You can also give your son a handmade glass jar from the Little Jar of Big Idea store as a unique birthday gift. An organza bag perfectly encases each Orcio Jar. It only takes one note to get a dose of love, humor, and joy. Observe how your son expresses himself and his satisfaction with being mindful.

Using the power of words, express your love and appreciation thoughtfully and compassionately. Whether you’re feeling inspired, encouraged, or just griny, these quotes will put a smile on your face. A jar is a simple way to preserve your love and gratitude.

17. Globe

A globe is a wonderful gift to all school-going kids. Globes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and prices, regardless of whether the buyer is traveling or not. If you want to go above and beyond, there are globes with lights, educational apps, and more.

A learning globe with built-in light is a great choice for younger kids. They can learn about countries worldwide while having fun looking up different things. Globes with place names make great gifts for teenagers too. They can use it to study geography, history, or just explore the world.

18. E-reader

There is probably no better gift you could give your kids than an e-reader. Not only will they enjoy reading on the go, but they will also learn how to read in the process. If you are looking for the perfect gift for your child, make sure to check out Amazon’s Kindle family of devices. From the basic Kindle to the premium Kindle Paperwhite, a device is designed specifically for every age group. And don’t forget about the Kindle Unlimited subscription for unlimited access to thousands of digital books.

19. Digital Tablet

A digital tablet is probably the single most expensive gift you could give a kid. But there are some great options out there for younger kids. And once they start playing video games, they’ll want something bigger and better anyway.

20. Headphones

Headphones are a great gift for kids, from around six years old and up. They’re a fun way to help young people express themselves while listening to their favorite songs. Plus, you’ll find a variety of styles here, including wired ones, noise-canceling types, wireless options, and even some Bluetooth models.

21. Reusable Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle makes sense both economically and ecologically as a perfect gift for any traveler, especially parents traveling with little ones. This way, the parent doesn’t have to worry about buying bottled water while away from home. Kids will learn how to use less plastic and encourage to drink more water — good for the environment and their health.

It teaches them how to use less plastic and encourages kids to drink more water — a healthy habit for their future. Various colors and designs make these bottles easy to find and keep track of. They’re also practical and durable enough to withstand many trips around town.

Here are some unique gifts for sons

There is a lot of advice out there about what to get your son for his birthday. I’ve seen the same list over and over again, but it doesn’t seem like anyone has ever really thought about how much we all want our kids to be happy with their presents. It seems like everyone just wants them to have cool toys or something. But what if you got them things that they would actually use and enjoy? Would that make them happier than having something cool? Of course, it would. So here are some great unique gift guides ideas for son

1. New bike helmet: Every kid needs a new bicycle helmet that’s cheap, easy to find, and very useful. Most importantly, though, they protect your child from serious injury.

2. Bike lock: Kids need locks to keep their bikes safe when they aren’t at home. And since they’re usually too young to ride without training wheels, this is especially important.

3. Electric scooters: These are becoming more and more common, so why not give your son one for Christmas? They’re fun, inexpensive, and super practical (especially for younger kids).

4. Tablet: Tablets are amazing tools for kids. Not only do they allow them to play educational games and watch videos, but they also help them stay organized and follow along while watching TV shows.

5. Water bottle: Everyone knows that water is essential for staying healthy. Plus, kids love drinking water out of bottles. Why not buy them a nice reusable water bottle for school or camp?

6. Airplane tickets: When was the last time you took your teenager somewhere exciting? A weekend away together might be exactly what they need to reenergize their relationship.

7. Guitar lessons: Guitars are awesome instruments, but they can be expensive. Instead of buying them an expensive guitar, why not teach them an instrument they can use throughout life?

8. Baseball glove: This is another thing kids need every year. Spending the day outside playing ball in the backyard is one of the best things about summer.

9. Football: Whether your son plays defense or offense, he should always have a good pair of cleats.

10. Soccer shoes: Soccer cleats are pretty basic, but they don’t hurt either. They’re comfortable, affordable, and help prevent injuries.

11. Snowboard boots: While snowboarding isn’t as popular as skiing, it’s still a ton of fun. Why not give your son snowboard boots instead of skis?

12. Basketball: No matter your kid’s age, basketball is a game that never gets old. You can even buy your son a basketball hoop for the driveway.

13. Fishing pole: If your son loves fishing, then he will absolutely love getting a new fishing rod for Christmas.

14. Camping gear: Camping is always fun, but it’s even more enjoyable when you have the right gear. Ensure your son has everything he could possibly need for a camping trip.

15. Duffle bag: Duffle bags are ideal for school trips or vacations because they fit everything perfectly.

16. Skateboard: Skates are similar to skateboards, except they are designed specifically for ice skating.


18. Frisbee: All kids love frisbees. It doesn’t really matter if they know how to throw or catch. The fact is, they just enjoy flying around with a frisbee in their hand.

19. GoPro camera: GoPros are perfect gifts for kids who want to capture all of their adventures on video.

20. Pool floaties: Swimming pools are great ways to spend quality time with family during summertime. So why not get your son to pool floaties for Christmas?

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Are The Best Toys for Kids?

John Tenuto, a sociology instructor at the College of Lake County in Grayslake, Illinois, who has studied toys and collectibles, says that any well-designed, engaging toy automatically provides an educational benefit to kids. You can find gifts that complement a child’s natural curiosity, such as art, growing things, sports, music, or getting close to insects.

What Are The Best Teenage Boy Gifts?

Whether you’re in the market for splurge-worthy luxury gifts for 13-year-old boys (check out the gaming chair and electric scooter we found.), a meaningful birthday present, or a just-for-fun “happy” for your favorite kid,

What Are The Best Toys For Kids?

But to ensure your little boy will be really engaged in building the toy, studies show that you should keep gendered packaging in mind.2 Help your 6-year-old boy to learn more about science, technology, engineering, or math with fun gifts that teach skills in these useful areas.

What are the best STEM toys?

These are subjects sure to engage as your child is now of the age where he is developing a more mature and logical way of thinking.1 Many STEM toys and games involve robotics, fun chemistry experiments, or building play structures like forts while using basic engineering principles.

What are the best toys for kids?

To make this list, she considered each toy’s level of action and STEM skills and if it encourages a child’s imagination.

What is the best way to get boys creative?

Put their creativity to use with a toy or game with multiple configurations or outcomes, allowing them to think outside the box and make creative decisions for themselves.


Every year, we hear stories about parents buying their kids gifts only to receive things they never wanted. Whether it was clothed they didn’t wear, toys they didn’t play with, or electronics they couldn’t figure out how to operate, these items just sat around collecting dust until someone came along to throw them away. Those above list things will surely make good use of them. So please choose the best one and make him feel extra special.

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