How to Write No Gifts on an Invitation


October 6, 2023


It is not uncommon for friends and family to ask what they can give to the birthday celebrant. Many people feel obligated to give a gift, even if they cannot afford it. It is perfectly acceptable, and even expected by some, that guests will bring a gift to a birthday party.

However, there are times when it is appropriate to write “no gifts” on an invitation. Here are some tips on how to do so without offending your guests.

  • Decide on the wording you would like to use for the invitation
  • “No gifts, please” is a common phrase used for this purpose
  • Incorporate the no gifts request into the main body of the invitation text
  • You can do this in a number of ways, such as adding it to the end of the RSVP information or including it as a separate paragraph above the RSVP information
  • Make sure to proofread your invitation text carefully before sending it out to avoid any potential misunderstandings
  • Send out the invitations and wait for your guests’ responses!

How To Politely Ask For Gifts On An Invitation

How to Say No Gifts, Please on Birthday Invitation

It’s that time of year again…your child’s birthday is coming up and you are in the process of planning their party. As you begin to send out invitations, you may be wondering how to politely request no gifts. Here are a few tips on how to say “no gifts, please” on your child’s birthday invitation:

1. Be direct. It is perfectly acceptable to request no gifts right on the invitation. You can say something like, “In lieu of gifts, we would appreciate donations to our favorite charity.”

2. Give an alternative suggestion. If you would prefer not to receive gifts, you can suggest an alternative such as, “Your presence at the party is gift enough!” or “Please bring a book instead of a toy.” 3. Don’t feel obligated to explain yourself.

You may choose to include a brief explanation for why you are requesting no gifts but it is not necessary. Simply stating that you would prefer not to receive gifts is sufficient. Saying no gifts please on a birthday invitation is perfectly fine and it doesn’t have to be awkward!

Use one of these three methods and enjoy a stress-free birthday party planning experience.

How to Write No Gifts on an Invitation
How to Write No Gifts on an Invitation 4


What is a Polite Way to Say No Gifts?

When it comes to gifts, it’s always best to be honest and upfront about your wishes. Whether you’re hosting a party or attending one, it’s perfectly acceptable to let your guests know that you don’t want any gifts. You can do this in a number of ways, such as sending out invitations with a note saying “No Gifts, Please” or simply telling guests verbally when they RSVP.

Some people feel awkward about asking for no gifts, but there’s really no need to worry. It’s actually quite common nowadays, especially since many people are trying to downsize their possessions or live more minimally. So don’t hesitate to be honest about your gift preferences – your friends and family will understand!

How Do You Say No Gifts Please on Wedding Invitation?

If you and your partner have decided that you don’t want gifts at your wedding, there are a few different ways to communicate this on your invitations. The most straightforward way to say “no gifts please” is simply to include a line at the end of your invitation that says something like “Your presence is our gift.” If you want to be more specific about why you don’t want gifts, you could add a sentence explaining that you would prefer guests make a donation to a charity in lieu of giving gifts.

Alternatively, if you have already set up a wedding registry, you can include information about where it is located on the invitation so that guests know what kind of things you need/want. Whichever way you choose to phrase it, just be sure that the message is clear so that guests know not to bring anything other than themselves (and maybe a card!) to your big day.

Is It Ok to Say No Gifts on an Invitation?

When it comes to invitations, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of whether or not it is ok to request no gifts. It largely depends on the context and purpose of the event. For example, if you are hosting a birthday party for a child, it is generally considered acceptable to include a note on the invitation requesting that guests refrain from bringing gifts.

However, if you are hosting an engagement party or bridal shower, requesting no gifts would be considered rude and tacky. In general, Unless there is a specific reason why gifts would be inappropriate (e.g., the event is a small gathering at your home), it is best to err on the side of caution and not mention anything about gifts on the invitation.


If you would prefer your guests not to bring gifts, it is perfectly acceptable to say “no gifts, please” on the invitation. You can add this phrase to the bottom of the invitation in small print or include it on a separate card that says “registry information.” If you are worried about offending guests, put the no-gift request in a non-mandatory spot such as the RSVP card or enclose a note with the invitations explaining that you would prefer donations be made to a charity in lieu of gifts.

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