How to Gift Cookies: Packaging Ideas for the Best Present


September 30, 2022

Homemade Cookies are the ultimate gift. They’re sweet and delicious, make people happy, and can be made in almost any flavor you can imagine. Those delicious homemade cookies will make anyone’s sweet tooth satisfied. So why wait? Grab cookie dough and bake cookies to make someone in your life happy. But what’s the best way to present those cookies? Is it Tupperware? A paper bag? Maybe a box made out of newspaper? We’ve some ideas to make your next cookie-gifting experience more fun. Dig in to find out-

Here are some ideas to pack cookies to gift-your loved ones-

 Apply those ideas to make a beautiful packet for your cookies and make gifting cookies memorable and bring a simile to someone’s face-

Stacking paper cups

If you want to give your delicious cookies some added personality, try stacking paper cups and putting a cookie in each. You can tie them together with twine or ribbon, then wrap the container with another piece of ribbon. Among all the other gifts on the holiday table, your gift will stand out.

This idea works best for small cookies less than 2 inches in diameter, such as chocolate chip or sugar cookies. Consider using Mason jars if you’re gifting larger treats like brownies or muffins.

Cookie tins

Cookie tins are an excellent way to package your soft cookies. Ribbons, stickers, or decorative tape look great on them.

To create a cookie tin:

Cut cardboard to the size of your tin. The width should be about 1 inch wider than the length of your soft cookies on one side, with a height equal to the depth of your tin plus 1/4 inch on top and bottom. If you’re using a round cookie cutter, as I did here, make sure that this dimension includes its diameter so that it will fit snugly in the middle of your paper template when folded over and taped together, as shown in step 4 below. You’ll also want enough room between each layer, so there’s room for air circulation after baking—about 1/16″ or 1/8″. In my case, this meant making my first piece 8 inches long by 5¼ inches wide (with 8¾-inch diameter), then making subsequent pieces 12½ inches long by 5½ inches wide (with 13¼–14″ diameter).

Cut out all pieces and lay them out face down on a wax paper-covered cookie sheet lined with parchment paper; place wax paper between each layer because otherwise, they’ll stick together. Then simply fold along all four sides over onto themselves until all edges meet; press firmly down onto the table surface where necessary until all edges line up evenly, as shown below (this may take some work.). Next, use duct tape around the perimeter where two opposite sides meet to reinforce the seal before folding over the next side section (one at a time) the same way but without pressing down again (*see note at bottom). Finally, wrap the entire package with decorative ribbon or twine if desired–then fill ‘er up.

Festive boxes

  • Paper boxes
  • Plastic boxes
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Wooden boxes (i.e., those old cigar cases)
  • Decorative boxes (i.e., apothecary jars and other ornate containers) with dividers
  • Boxes with lid handles or windows; ensure the lids are secure enough to keep your recipient from eating all of the cookies before giving them a chance. Make sure your recipients can handle it too—if they have arthritis or other hand issues that make opening things complicated, don’t use anything too elaborate. Also, be aware of allergies: if someone is allergic to peanuts but open-topped plastic cookie jar might not be the best choice for them. Ditto if someone’s allergic to wheat flour or dairy products: look for glass jars instead of plastic ones when possible.

Padded mailbox

If you’re going to gift cookies, it’s best to package them in a way that protects them from breakage and damage. While some people simply place their cookies in an envelope for delivery, this is not always the most effective method. A padded mailer or envelope will help ensure your precious baked goods arrive in one piece. If you’re mailing more than one box at a time, consider using a larger padded box instead of multiple smaller ones.

Cello bags

Cellophane bags are a great way to package cookies. They’re affordable, reusable, and easy to find at any grocery store or retailer. Plus, they’re highly portable—you can store them easily in your kitchen pantry or fridge until it’s time to give them away.

You can also reuse these bags over and over again for gift-giving purposes. Ensure you wash and dry them before every use (keep an extra set handy). They’re not food safe, so don’t use them for storing food items like chips or crackers—but they’ll work just fine for cookies.

Cookie jar

If you think about it, a cookie jar is a fancy way of saying “decorative container.” Sure, it’s great for keeping snacks fresh and accessible; but baked goods can be presented in a cookie jar with the right presentation.

  • Packaging cookies in an old-fashioned ceramic or stoneware cookie jar is one option. It’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also gives your recipients the impression that they’re getting something special (they probably are). If you want to go all out with this method, wrap each cookie separately before putting them in the jar, so they stay pristine while being transported around town by courier or postman.
  • For more modern recipients who may prefer glass containers over ceramics (or vice versa), consider filling up an apothecary bottle with some festive gourmet garlands from Williams-Sonoma or Anthropologie. Such garlands come in red and green ribbons that work exceptionally well for Christmas occasions. A simple bow tied around it will bring everything together nicely without taking away from its inherent beauty.

Glass honey jars

Honey jars are the perfect packaging for cookies. They’re decorative, reusable, airtight, microwave-safe, and dishwasher-safe—and they eliminate the need to transfer your cookies into a new container before serving them.

When choosing a jar for your cookie present, remember that glass is better than plastic when preserving freshness and flavor because it doesn’t absorb odors or flavors from its contents as plastic does. It is also more sturdy than other materials like cardboard and paperboard (which can get wet) or aluminum foil (which can rip).

Remember, presentation matters when you’re giving someone a gift of cookies on a special occasion such as Christmas or their birthday. You don’t want them opening up their gift only to find some crumpled-up wax paper inside—that would be far less than festive.

Bucket o’ cookies

You can find a wide range of sizes and colors for buckets at your local hardware store. Then, use ribbon to tie off the lid of your bucket and fill it with cookies. Your giftee will love having easy access to their favorite sweet treats.

Ribbon-tied box

You’ll want to use a box that is the right size for the cookies. You don’t want to make your recipient struggle with a huge box when they open it, but you also don’t want them to have to take out scissors or knives just to get at their cookies.

The box should also be sturdy enough so that the cookies do not move around inside during transport. To keep them from breaking or getting mixed up with other cookies place each type in a separate container to keep them from breaking or getting mixed up with other cookies. It’s also worth noting that some types of boxes are easier than others for people who have difficulty opening things like jars and boxes because they require less grip strength (elevate as necessary).

Finally, make sure this container can easily close once opened. This will ensure that no crumbs spill out onto whatever surface you decide serves as a resting place for your gift-wrapped cookie gifts.

A basket filled with cookies

This is perhaps the simplest way to package cookies for a holiday gift. Fill a basket with different cookies and then cover them with tissue paper. Add a note explaining what kind of cookie each person received and wrap the basket in a pretty bow. Now, your loved ones can enjoy a variety of cookies whenever they feel the urge.

Treats in a tinfoil bag

Plenty of alternatives will allow those who fear baking cookies to still indulge while staying healthy.

One option is to purchase individually wrapped graham crackers or chocolate chips and bake them yourself. Another idea is to pick up some vegan cookies or brownies from a health food store and wrap them in plain white or dark-colored foil instead of wrapping them in colorful cellophane.

Another option is to go simple, like a single batch of chocolate chip cookies. Simply wrap individual servings of cookies in clear plastic wrap and put them in a small storage container. Then, the recipients can serve themselves by peeling back the plastic wrap and popping the cookies into their mouths directly from the container.

Christmas Cookie Crackers Set

Have you started your holiday baking yet? What better way than this set of cookie cutters and a package of sugar cookies? With the help of these cookie cutters, you can make all kinds of cute shapes for your homemade treats. So no matter how many people are in your family or joining you on your Christmas baking adventure, there’s always room for another helping of deliciousness.

This year, store-bought clear tubes are the perfect containers for holiday sweets and cookies. However, tin or plastic container is more expensive and less sturdy than cellophane. To secure the boxes, cover the end caps of the tubes with our custom clip art.

Holiday Cookie Mailing Tubes

Our Holiday Cookie Mailing Tubes are perfect for holiday parties, cookie exchanges, and gift-giving. Our mailing tubes come in various shapes, including stars, hearts, snowflakes, Christmas trees, wreaths, Santas, and more. We also can have your message on both sides of the tube.

Our mailing tubes feature a snap-top lid and include two lids per tube for easy access when removing cookies. They stand upright and hold about 20 cookies each. Each tube measures 5 1/2″ x 3 7/8″.

Mailing Tube Dimensions: 5 1/2″ H x 3 7/8″ W x 6 1/4″ L

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a specific way to wrap cookies?

Be sure to label cookies clearly, so recipients know what is in each bag. Stack cookies on top of each other and seal them tightly in wax paper or plastic bags so that they will not move too much.

If you want to give cookies as a gift, how many should you give?

Make at least six batches of cookies for each basket. For example, you can assemble several gift baskets if you bake four batches at once. Most cookie recipes make 2-4 dozen cookies, so five recipes will make 5-10 baskets.

What does gifting socks mean?

It is a thoughtful gesture to send socks as a gift to friends and family, especially now that many of us are still at home due to the pandemic; socks are a thoughtful item that they can enjoy at home.

How Do I Pack Slice-and-Bake Cookies?

Just wrap up the cookie dough logs in waxed paper, then wrap them candy-style in crepe paper or tissue.

Can you pack cookies on tissue paper?

Tissue paper can be used to enclose your cookies, corrugated paper tubes can be used to buffer them, or accordion folds of paper can be used to protect them. Baker’s twine can also bind a stack of cookies together.


While we’ve covered a lot of different packaging options, our favorite way to gift cookies is still the classic cookie jar. It’s affordable, customizable, and makes a great keepsake for years. So choose your favorite, make the perfect gift, and bring a simile to someone’s face.

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