How Do I Sell My Gift Card Online


November 28, 2022


One of the most common questions we get asked here at Gift Card Drive is how to sell gift cards online. While there are a number of ways to do this, we’re going to focus on two of the most popular methods: using a third-party website or listing your card on a marketplace like eBay. If you want to get rid of your gift card as quickly as possible and don’t mind giving up a portion of the value, then using a third-party website is probably your best bet.

These websites will buy your card from you and then resell it to someone else at a discounted price, so they make their money by taking a cut of the sale.

If you’ve got a gift card that you’re not using, you might be able to sell it online and get some cash for it. Here’s how to do it: First, check the balance of your card.

You can usually do this online or by calling the customer service number on the back of the card. Once you know the balance, try searching for your card on a site like CardCash or GiftCardGranny. These sites allow you to sell your gift card for less than its face value, but they’ll still give you cash for it that you can use right away.

If there’s no listing for your particular card on either of those sites, you can also try selling it on eBay. Start by checking out similar listings to see what others are selling their cards for. Then, list your own card with a slightly lower price to make sure it sells.

Remember to take into account any fees associated with selling your gift card when setting your price. And once someone buys it from you, be sure to transfer the money from the sale into your bank account so you can actually use it!

How To Sell My Gift Card

Sell Gift Cards Instant Payment

Sell Gift Cards for Instant Payment Do you have unwanted gift cards that you would like to turn into cash? Or are you looking for a way to get paid for your unwanted gift cards instantly?

Either way, there are a few options available to you. Here are a few ways that you can sell gift cards for instant payment: 1. Online Gift Card Exchanges

There are several online gift card exchanges that allow you to sell your unwanted gift cards in exchange for cash or other types of payment. These exchanges typically offer instant payment options, so you can get paid as soon as your sale is complete. Some popular online gift card exchanges include Cardpool, Giftcard Zen, and

2. Local Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace Sales You can also try selling your unwanted gift cards locally through sites like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. This option may take a bit longer to complete than using an online exchange, but it could be worth it if you’re able to find a buyer who’s willing to pay close to the full value of the card.

Just be sure to meet in a safe public place and take precautions when completing the sale (e.g., don’t accept personal checks). 3. Use the Card Yourself! If you don’t want to go through the hassle of selling your unwanted gift card, another option is simply to use the card yourself at stores or online retailers that accept it.

This way, you can get some use out of the card before it expires and avoid losing any money on the sale.

How Do I Sell My Gift Card Online
How Do I Sell My Gift Card Online 4


How Can I Sell Gift Cards Online Instantly?

If you have a gift card that you would like to sell, there are a few things that you can do in order to make the process go as smoothly and quickly as possible. Here are some tips on how to sell gift cards online instantly: 1. Find the right platform: In order to sell your gift card online, you will need to find a reputable platform that allows users to buy and sell gift cards.

There are many different platforms out there, so be sure to do your research before selecting one. 2. Create an account: Once you have found a suitable platform, you will need to create an account in order to list your gift card for sale. This is usually a quick and easy process, requiring only basic information such as your name and email address.

3. List your gift card: Once you have created an account, you will then be able to list your gift card for sale on the platform. Be sure to include all relevant information about the card, such as its value and any restrictions that may be attached to it. 4. Set a price: When setting a price for your gift card, be sure to take into consideration its value as well as any fees associated with selling it on the chosen platform.

You will also want to set a competitive price in order to attract buyers. 5. Complete the sale: Once someone has purchased your gift card, all that is left to do is complete the sale and send them thecard details electronically or through the mail (if they prefer). And that’s it!

By following these simple steps, you can successfully sell your unwanted gift cards online instantly!

How Can I Turn a Gift Card into Cash Instantly?

There are a few ways to turn a gift card into cash instantly. The most common way is to sell the gift card to a third-party website or company that specializes in buying and selling gift cards. These companies will usually give you less than the value of the card, but it’s still a quick and easy way to get cash for your unwanted gift card.

Another option is to use a Gift Card Granny-type website that allows you to search for offers from different buyers. This can take a bit longer, but you may be able to get closer to the full value of your card this way. Finally, if you have a physical copy of the gift card, you can always take it to your local grocery store or department store and see if they’re willing to give you cash back for it.

It’s not guaranteed, but it’s worth asking!

Can You Convert a Gift Card to Cash Online?

It’s not always possible to convert a gift card to cash online. If the gift card is for a specific store or restaurant, you may be able to find a website that will buy the gift card from you and then pay you cash for it. However, if the gift card is from a general retailer like Visa or Mastercard, it will be much harder to find a buyer willing to pay cash for the card.

In these cases, your best bet may be to try and sell the gift card on an online auction site like eBay.

Where is the Best Place to Sell Gift Cards Online?

If you’re looking to sell gift cards online, there are a few different options to choose from. You can either sell them directly to a gift card exchange site, or list them for sale on a marketplace like eBay. When selling directly to an exchange site, you’ll usually get less money for your card than you would if you sold it on eBay.

However, it’s a lot easier and more convenient to sell through an exchange site, and you’ll get your money much faster. If you’re looking to get the most money possible for your gift card, then listing it on eBay is probably your best bet. You’ll need to create an account and list your card for sale, including all the relevant details about the card (balance, expiration date, etc.).

Once someone buys your card, you’ll receive payment through PayPal. There are a few things to keep in mind when selling gift cards on eBay. First of all, make sure that the balance on the card is high enough to cover the fees associated with PayPal and eBay.

Secondly, be aware of scams – only accept payments through PayPal and never give out your personal information to anyone who contacts you about buying your card. Finally, remember that buyers can be picky – so don’t be offended if someone doesn’t want to buy your particular gift card. In general, selling gift cards online is a pretty easy way to make some extra money.

Just be sure to do your research beforehand so that you know what kind of prices you should expect for your card.


If you have a gift card that you would like to sell, there are a few options available to you. You can list the card on a marketplace like Cardpool or Raise, or directly on sites like eBay or Craigslist. You can also use a service like Giftcard Zen to exchange your card for cash.

When selling your gift card online, be sure to take into account the fees associated with each option. For example, Cardpool and Raise charge sellers a percentage of the sale price, while eBay and Craigslist do not. Giftcard Zen does not charge any fees, but does not offer as high of a payout as some of the other options.

Choose the option that makes the most sense for you based on your goals and the amount of money you want to receive for your card. Be sure to read all of the terms and conditions before listing your card anywhere, so that you are familiar with the process and know what to expect.

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