How Do I Gift an Audiobook


November 6, 2022


Audiobooks are a great way to show someone you care. They can be enjoyed while commuting, working out, or relaxing at home. But how do you gift an audiobook?

Here are a few easy steps: First, decide which audiobook you would like to give. Consider the recipient’s interests and choose something that they will enjoy.

There are audiobooks available for all genres, so you should be able to find something perfect for your loved one. Once you have selected the book, head over to the website of your chosen retailer and purchase the audiobook. Most retailers will allow you to gift the book directly to your recipient, so simply enter their email address when prompted during checkout.

If not, don’t worry – we’ll cover what to do next. Now it’s time to deliver the good news! Send your loved one an email letting them know that they have been gifted an audiobook from you.

Include a link to the book so they can start listening right away. And that’s it! You’ve successfully gifted an audiobook without even leaving your desk.

How to Give an audible book as a gift (audible send a book)

Audiobooks are a great way to enjoy literature while on the go, but how do you give them as a gift? Here are a few easy steps: First, find the audiobook you want to gift on or another audiobook retailer.

If you’re not sure which book to choose, consider what genre the recipient usually enjoys, or ask for suggestions from friends or family. Once you’ve made your selection, click “Buy as a Gift.” Enter the recipient’s email address and name, then select whether you want to send the gift now or schedule it for a future date.

You can also include a personal message with your gift. Finally, enter your payment information and click “Confirm Purchase.” The recipient will receive an email notification about their new audiobook gift and instructions on how to redeem it.

Giving an audiobook as a gift is a thoughtful way to show someone that you care about their listening pleasure!

How to Give an Audiobook As a Gift Amazon

When it comes to giving the gift of audiobooks, Amazon has you covered. Whether you are looking for the perfect book to give as a holiday present or a way to show your support for a favorite author, Amazon has a great selection of audiobooks that are sure to please any listener. Here are some tips on how to give an audiobook as a gift on Amazon.

First, decide which audiobook you would like to give as a gift. You can browse through Amazon’s vast selection of titles by genre, popularity, or customer reviews. Once you have found the perfect book, simply click “Give as a Gift” located beneath the price on the product page.

Next, enter the recipient’s email address and choose whether you would like to send the gift immediately or schedule it for delivery on a specific date. If you choose to send the gift immediately, you will be able to select from one of three digital formats: Kindle Edition with Audible Narration, MP3 CD Audiobook, or Audible Downloadable Audiobook. If you would prefer to schedule delivery for a later date, simply select “I want to deliver this on” and choose your desired delivery date from the calendar pop-up.

Finally, add your personal message and hit “Send now”! Your recipient will then receive an email notification letting them know that they have been gifted an audiobook from you. They can begin listening right away by following the instructions in the email or accessing their new book through their Audible account online or via the Audible app on their mobile device.

We hope these tips help make giving an audiobook as a gift easy and enjoyable!

How Do I Gift an Audiobook
How Do I Gift an Audiobook 4


How Do You Send an Audio Book to Someone?

An audiobook is a recording of a text being read. abridged or unabridged, on cassette tape, CD, or another medium. Unlike a conventional printed book, an audiobook can be listened to at the listener’s convenience.

Audiobooks are generally produced in two ways. The first way is studio production. In this method, professional voice actors are hired to record the entire book in a recording studio.

The second way is field recording where one person reads the entire book and records it him or herself using portable recording equipment. There are many ways to send an audiobook to someone once it has been recorded. It can be mailed on CDs or cassettes, emailed as an attachment, downloaded from the internet, or even uploaded to social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace.

How Do I Gift an Audiobook I Already Own?

When it comes to audiobooks, there are two main ways to gift them – either through gifting the actual physical book, or by gifting a digital copy. If you already own the audiobook in question, then obviously gifting the physical book is the simplest option. However, if you only have a digital copy (or if the recipient doesn’t have an audiobook player), then you’ll need to gift a digital copy instead.

The process for gifting a digital audiobook is actually quite simple. First, find the audiobook in your library (it will likely be under “Audiobooks” or “Books & Audiobooks”). Once you’ve found it, click on the cover image and then click on the “Give as Gift” button.

This will bring up a new window where you can enter the recipient’s name and email address. You can also add a personal message if you’d like. Once everything is filled out, just click on the “Send Gift” button and your job is done!

One thing to keep in mind is that not all audiobooks can be gifted – some publishers simply don’t allow it. So if you’re having trouble finding the “Give as Gift” button, it’s likely because the publisher has disabled that feature for that particular book.

Can I Give an Audible Book As a Gift If I am Not a Member?

Audible is a great way to gift someone a book! If you are not a member, you can sign up for a free trial and then purchase the book as a gift. The recipient will need to be an Audible member in order to redeem the book.

How Do I Gift an Audiobook on Itunes?

If you have an audiobook that you’d like to share with a friend or family member, you can gift it to them through iTunes. Here’s how: 1. Open the iTunes Store app on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac.

2. Find the audiobook that you want to gift, then tap or click the price. 3. Tap or click the Share button , then tap Gift . If you don’t see the Share button , tap More .

4. Enter your recipient’s email address and name, then tap Next . If you want to add a message, enter it in the field provided. When you’re finished, tap Next .

5.Choose when you’d like your recipient to receive their gift, then tap Next . You can also choose whether to send yourself a copy of the gift receipt by tapping or selecting the Send Gift Receipt checkbox. When you’re finished making your selections, tap Done .


If you have an audiobook that you would like to give as a gift, there are a few different ways that you can do so. One option is to purchase a gift card from, which can be redeemed by the recipient for the audiobook of their choice. Another option is to use Amazon’s “Send a Gift” feature, which allows you to send an audiobook as a gift via email.

Finally, if you have downloaded the audiobook file yourself, you can burn it onto a CD or transfer it to an iPod or other MP3 player and give it to the recipient that way. Whichever method you choose, giving the gift of an audiobook is sure to please any book lover in your life!

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