How Do I Buy a Costco Gift Card


November 20, 2022


There are a few different ways that you can buy a Costco gift card. The easiest way is to simply purchase one from Costco itself. You can also find them at many grocery stores, gas stations, and convenience stores.

If you want to purchase a Costco gift card online, you can do so through various websites such as Amazon or eBay.

If you’re looking to buy a Costco gift card, there are a few things you need to know. First, Costco only sells physical gift cards in store – you cannot purchase them online. Second, the value of the card can range from $25 all the way up to $1,000.

And finally, you’ll need to have a Costco membership in order to buy a gift card (though the recipient does not need one). Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it: 1. Head to your nearest Costco store and locate the customer service desk.

2. Let the representative know that you’d like to purchase a gift card. 3. Choose which denomination you’d like – again, this can be anywhere from $25-$1,000. 4. The representative will then print out the gift card for you on the spot.

All that’s left to do is sign it and give it to the lucky recipient!

How To Buy Costco Gift Cards Online (2022) | Buy Costco Shop Card

How Do I Get a Costco Gift Card?

Costco offers a few different types of gift cards, each with their own set of benefits. You can purchase a physical gift card at any Costco location, or you can order one online through the Costco website. Gift cards can also be used to shop at any Costco warehouse, gas station, or online at

If you’re looking for a specific type of gift card, here’s a breakdown of each option: 1. Standard Gift Card: This is the most basic type of gift card offered by Costco. It can be used anywhere that accepts Visa, which means it can be used both in-store and online.

The standard gift card comes in denominations of $25, $50, $100, and $200. 2. eGift Card: An eGift card is an electronic version of the standard gift card that can be sent via email or text message. It functions the same as a regular gift card and can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

The eGiftcard come in denominations of $25, $50, $100, and $200. 3 .Warehouse Only Gift Card: As the name suggests, this type of gift card can only be used at physical Costco locations (not online).

These cards are available in denominations of $10 all the way up to $1 000 . Keep in mind that some restrictions may apply to certain items like alcohol or tobacco .

Can You Shop at Costco With a Gift Card Without a Membership?

It’s a common misconception that you need a Costco membership to use a Costco gift card. In fact, you can use a Costco gift card at any store that accepts Visa cards – including Costco! That means you can shop at Costco without a membership using someone else’s membership or a guest pass.

However, there are some things to keep in mind before you head to the store. First, keep in mind that not all items in the store are available for purchase with a gift card. Some items, like alcohol and cigarettes, can only be purchased by members.

Additionally, some items may have an increased price for non-members. So it’s always best to check the pricing of an item before attempting to purchase it with a gift card. Second, be aware that using a gift card at Costco will likely require you to show ID.

This is because many states have laws regulating the sale of alcohol and tobacco products, and these laws typically require retailers to verify the age of anyone attempting to purchase these items. So if you’re planning on using your gift card to buy alcohol or tobacco products at Costco, make sure you bring along your driver’s license or other form of identification. Finally, remember that although you can use a Costco gift card without a membership, doing so will probably cost you more than if you had one.

That’s because non-members are typically charged higher prices for goods and services at Costco than members are.

How Much is a Costco Card?

If you’re looking to join Costco, you’re probably wondering how much a membership costs. The short answer is that a Costco membership is $60 per year for an individual or $120 per year for a business. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you sign up.

First, Costco offers two types of memberships: business and personal. Business memberships are available to businesses and organizations that sell products or services, while personal memberships are available to individuals who want to shop at Costco for themselves or their families. If you’re not sure which type of membership is right for you, you can always contact Costco customer service for help making a decision.

Second, while the base membership fee is $60 per year for individuals and $120 per year for businesses, there may be additional costs associated with your membership depending on the state where your Costco warehouse is located. For example, in California there is an annual surcharge of $5-10 due to the state’s recycling program; this charge is not assessed in other states. Additionally, some states charge sales tax on membership fees, so be sure to take that into account when budgeting for your Costco Membership.

Finally, it’s important to note that while a Costco Membership does grant access to exclusive deals and savings on bulk purchases, it also comes with certain responsibilities. For example, all members are required to present their Membership Card every time they enter the warehouse; failure to do so could result in being asked to leave. Additionally, Members are responsible for any damage they cause while inside the warehouse (e.g., knocking over merchandise), and they may be charged accordingly if they violate any of Costco’s rules or regulations (e.g., attempting to exit without paying).

Overall, a Costco Membership can be a great way to save money on bulk purchases – but it’s important to understand the cost of membership and what it entails before signing up!

Is Costco Shop Card the Same As Costco Gift Card?

No, a Costco Shop Card is not the same as a Costco Gift Card. A Costco Shop Card can only be used at Costco warehouses and gas stations, whereas a Costco Gift Card can be used anywhere that Visa is accepted. Additionally, a Costco Shop Card does not have a cash value and cannot be used to withdraw cash from an ATM, whereas a Costco Gift Card can.

How Do I Buy a Costco Gift Card
How Do I Buy a Costco Gift Card 4


Buy Costco Gift Card Without Membership

Do you love Costco but don’t want to pay for a membership? Or maybe you’re not sure if you’ll use it enough to justify the cost of a membership. Whatever the reason, you can still enjoy all that Costco has to offer by purchasing a Costco Gift Card.

There are a few things to keep in mind when buying a Costco Gift Card. First, they are only available for purchase in-store, so you’ll need to visit your nearest Costco location. Second, they can only be used at Costco locations in the United States and Puerto Rico (sorry, no international usage!).

And finally, each card must be loaded with a minimum of $25 and maximum of $1,000. Once you have your gift card in hand, simply present it at any register inside a U.S. or Puerto Rico Costco store and the cashier will load funds onto the card for future use. The next time you’re at Costco shopping for groceries or other items, just use your card like you would any debit or credit card – it’s that easy!

So there you have it – now you can enjoy all that Costco has to offer without being a member!


If you want to buy a Costco gift card, there are a few things you need to know. First, you need to be a Costco member in order to purchase one. Second, you can only purchase them in person at a Costco warehouse – they are not available online or over the phone.

Finally, they come in denominations of $50 and $100 and can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

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