How Do I Activate My Amazon Gift Card


November 25, 2022


In order to activate your Amazon gift card, you will need the card number and the PIN. You can find these on the back of the card. Once you have these numbers, you can go to Amazon’s website and enter them in the appropriate fields.

After you have entered the information, your account will be credited with the amount of money on the card. You can then use this money to make purchases on Amazon.

If you’ve received an Amazon gift card, congratulations! You can now shop to your heart’s content on the world’s largest online retailer. But before you can start using your card, you must first activate it.

Here’s how: 1. Go to and sign in to your account, or create a new one if you don’t have one already. 2. Hover over “Your Account” in the top right corner of the screen and click “Gift Cards”.

3. Enter your claim code in the box under “Enter claim code”. Your claim code is the 16-digit number on the back of your card (it will start with “GC”). If you’re having trouble finding it, flip your card over and look for a scratch-off area on the back that says “See instructions below.”

Once you’ve entered your claim code, click “Apply to Your Balance”. 4. That’s it! Your Amazon gift card is now activated and ready to use.

When making a purchase, simply select “Gift Card” as your payment method at checkout and enter your gift card number when prompted.

How to Activate a Giftcard on Amazon in 2020!

Where is Amazon Gift Card Activation Code?

An Amazon gift card is a prepaid card that is emailed to you and can be redeemed by entering the claim code at checkout. The credit is applied to your account immediately and can be used to pay for items sold by, Prime Video, Kindle E-books, Audible audiobooks, and digital music and apps.

Do You Need to Activate an Amazon Gift Card?

No, you don’t need to activate an Amazon gift card. Once you have the card, you can use it just like any other credit or debit card on Amazon. You can add the card to your account and use it for future purchases, or you can use it right away for a current purchase.

There’s no need to activate the card beforehand.

How Do I Manually Activate a Gift Card?

Assuming you would like tips on how to manually activate a gift card: If you have a physical gift card, the activation process will be different than if you have a digital gift card. If your gift card is physical, there will likely be a scratch-off panel on the back that you will need to scratch off in order to reveal the 16-digit activation code.

Once the code is revealed, you can go online to the retailer’s website and enter in the code to activate your card. If your gift card is digital, there should be an option to “activate” it when you click on it – simply follow the prompts and enter in any required information to complete the activation process.

How Long Does It Take for Amazon Gift Cards to Activate?

When you purchase an Amazon gift card, the card is activated immediately. You can then use the funds on the card to make purchases on If you have questions about how to use your gift card, or if you need help checking your balance, please contact Amazon customer service.

How Do I Activate My Amazon Gift Card
How Do I Activate My Amazon Gift Card 4


How to Activate Amazon Gift Cards Without Cashier

When you receive an Amazon gift card, it will typically come with a scratch-off PIN number on the back. In order to activate your card and start using it, you’ll need to enter this PIN into your account. If you’re redeeming your gift card online, you can usually enter the PIN during checkout.

However, if you’re using your Amazon gift card at a physical store, you’ll need to find a cashier who can input the PIN for you. If you’re having trouble finding a cashier who can help, try asking customer service or looking for an attendant near the registers. Once your PIN is entered, your Amazon gift card will be activated and ready to use!


If you have an Amazon gift card and are wondering how to activate it, don’t worry, it’s a quick and easy process. Just follow these steps: 1. Go to the Amazon website and sign in to your account.

2. Hover over the “Your Account” tab at the top of the page and click on “Gift Cards.” 3. Enter your claim code in the space provided. Your claim code is the combination of letters and numbers that are printed on your gift card.

4. Click on “Apply to Your Balance.” This will add the funds from your gift card to your Amazon account balance, which you can use to make purchases on

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