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September 13, 2021

Stardew Valley Harvey

After regarding a week, all bachelors will forgive the gamer, and also discussions go back to regular. If Alex is the last bachelor you share a Ten-Heart Event with, the Group Ten-Heart Occasion will certainly be unavoidable as it is caused immediately later on. On rainy days, Harvey leaves the center and walks upstairs to his room at 12pm, despite whether or not there hold your horses in the facility. ” George needs to follow Dr. Harvey’s recommendations.” (+40 friendship.) He once more claims that he’s just trying to assist and also George lastly gives in and also consents to adhere to physician’s orders. Afterwards Harvey thanks you for the aid and also state that he values you. Within the game, Harvey does not have any kind of well-known household; nonetheless, he is great freinds with Maru.

You take off and also he instantly starts to freak out, however ultimately kicks back. Harvey reluctantly peers out of the basket at the community listed below and admire the view, blushing and murmuring just how happy he is to be here with you. He comments that the two-hour rental time is virtually up, yet he shows up not to care as he kisses you.

Harvey is a little pickier than some of your various other neighbors in Pelican Community, however the items he likes are quickly acquired. This occasion will not cause if you are wed or have actually offered a Wilted Arrangement or Mermaid’s Necklace to among the marital relationship prospects. ( -40 friendship.) He sighs as well as informs George that if he’s mosting likely to behave similar to this, Harvey will need to tell George’s other half and she will not be happy. You will see the occasion when you go see George, Harvey is talking to him concerning transforming his way of living.

When you fulfill him there, he claims he’s glad you came which something must be occurring soon. A man in a hot air balloon lands close by, says the balloon is your own for the next two hrs, as well as heads right into town for the Stardrop Drinkery. If you choose to ask him, he bashfully describes that while his fear is still a major variable, he admires you and your guts and also claims that it must be sufficient for the both of you. ” George knows what’s finest for his own body.” (-40 relationship.) He sighs and tells George that if he’s going to act similar to this, Harvey will certainly have to tell George’s spouse as well as she won’t be happy.

Harvey notices you and informs you he made contact with an actual pilot. He excitedly tells you to find over to the home window to see the pilot fly expenses with him. After the plane passes Harvey opens regarding how he always wished to be a pilot when he was younger, however couldn’t because of his bad eyesight and also debilitating anxiety of elevations.

None of your actions will impact your friendship; he’s just happy to hear about what you have actually depended on. When you end up consuming, he will certainly inform you how fortunate he really feels to be married to you. If you pick the very first action, a gentle effort to tease with Harvey, he will certainly be utterly unaware, presume that you indicate you fidget concerning being taken a look at by a physician, and tell you there’s nothing to fret about. Choosing the 2nd choice will earn 20 friendship points as well, while the 3rd option will lose your 50 factors. No matter your response, Harvey will inform you you’re completely healthy and also gently warn you not to overwork on your own on the farm. The initial option will make you 40 relationship factors with Harvey, while the secondly will lose you 40 points with him.

If you inform him of your intent to blab, he will certainly frown and also say you’re rude. In addition to all this, you’ll additionally need to see every one of your intended’s Heart Events, all listed below, in order to wed them. When you’ve reached the 8 Heart Occasion, you’ll require to purchase a Bouquet from Pierre’s to show him you’re severe. The shop will certainly begin to market these after you get any bachelor or bachelorette to eight hearts.

Revealed below are Harvey’s schedules prioritized highest possible to lowest within each season. As an example, if it is drizzling, that schedule bypasses all others.

harvey gifts stardew valley

A guy in a hot air balloon, Marcello, lands close by, claims the balloon is your own for the following two hours, and heads right into community for the Stardrop Cocktail lounge. Harvey informs you that he saw the warm air balloon rental promoted in the newspaper as well as assumed it was a perfect thing to do with each other.

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