25+ Festive and Affordable Gift Bag Ideas for Your Coworkers


August 9, 2022

gift bag ideas for coworkers

In this post, we share our top ideas for gift gifts for coworkers. These gift bags are cheap, simple, and will be a big hit with your colleagues.

A gift bag is a great way to show appreciation for your colleagues, and it is also a great way to get your colleagues to think about you. If you want to make a gift bag for your colleagues, you can use the following ideas. You can make these bags by yourself, or you can ask someone else to help you.

You can use a plastic bag, a paper bag, or even an old shoe box. All you need is some ribbon, a few buttons, and a little creativity. You can put a gift card inside the bag. You can also put a small gift, such as a pen or a pencil, inside the bag. You can even put a bottle of wine or beer inside the bag.

What do you need to include in your gift bag?

A gift bag is a very good decision for holding all sorts of items you plan to present to your guests on your special day. These are excellent for holding various small items, and you can even add a few bigger items inside a larger central compartment. They are typically seen during weddings, birthdays, and baby showers and can be customized per your requirements.

The best thing about them is that they are really useful, and they are also inexpensive. You can place these bags on the food table’s dividers so your guests can find them easily. There are a few rules you should always remember regarding gift bags.

Customized Desk Calendar

Customized Desk Calendar

The easiest way to customize calendars is to use a large calendar and print the names of each coworker on a small sticky label. Then you can stick the labels on the dates you wish to celebrate with the coworker. It is a fun way to show appreciation to coworkers, and they will have a great time at their “birthday” parties.

Personalized Key Chain

Personalized Key Chain

Key Chains are always a great idea. Not only can they hold your coworker’s house keys, but they can hold their car keys, locker key, and whatever other keys they may have. Key chains are practical gifts that can be used every day, and they are also great because they are very affordable, and you can get a nice keychain for less than 10 dollars.

Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate truffles are very delicious. They are a good way to thank you for being a good coworker, listening to your problems, and being a friend. It is also a good way to thank someone who teaches you things and helps you out with your work. It is very easy to make your chocolate truffles, and women and men love chocolate truffles.

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

One of the best gifts for coworkers is chocolate-covered pretzels: they’re sweet and savory, give a good amount of security, and are easy to share. We are talking about the good old standard chocolate-covered pretzel, not any other.

The sweet and salty taste is an excellent way to get through the last few work hours. Hosting a social gathering is always a good way to break the ice and bond with other people in the office.

Mason Jar Garden

Mason Jar Garden

A Mason Jar Garden is a great gift for coworkers. It is inexpensive, beautiful, fresh, and appealing. As an added plus, the plants add a touch of green to an indoor environment. You can also add a personal touch by including a card that lets your colleagues know you made the gift. You could also include a personal quote from your favorite book or a cute fact that you have learned about your favorite hobby or sports team.

Oreo Cakesters

Oreo Cakesters

This tasty cookie offers two deliciously different flavors, one on each side. Oreo Cakesters will be a fun and tasty treat in a workplace or office setting. This cookie offers the best of both worlds: two scrumptious flavors for one sweet treat. Treat your coworkers with this delicious Oreo treat!

Eggnog Mix

Eggnog Mix

One good gift that you can give to your coworkers is an eggnog mix. You will have to make the mix, but they’ll appreciate the thought and probably enjoy it too. This is a good gift because the holiday season is the perfect time to drink eggnog, and it’s a great holiday tradition for many people.

Cotton Tote Bag

Cotton Tote Bag

When it comes to coworker gifts, you want to send a thoughtful gift showing that you care. A gift card might be just enough, but if you want to go the extra mile, you could always opt for a great coworker gift like a cotton tote bag!

These are practical gifts that your coworkers can use as they go out and do their shopping. A cotton tote bag is a great place to start if you’re looking to give your coworkers gifts they will use and love.

Hot Cocoa Mixes

Hot Cocoa Mixes

Now hot cocoa mixes in the form of powder are popular in all parts of the world. If you want to be the boss of the office during the holidays, you should include a hot cocoa mix in your gift. I’m sure your coworkers and all your coworkers would appreciate your sweet gesture.

Customized Post-It Notes

Customized Post-It Notes

Customized Post-It Notes are a great idea to get a meaningful gift for your coworkers. Making a personalized Post-It Note is as easy as selecting a design, adding a name or message, and then customizing the font, color, and layout.

These sticky notes are a great way to show appreciation and make others feel appreciated. They are a suitable gift for any kind of party and are extremely budget-friendly.

Travel Coffee Mug Tumbler

Travel Coffee Mug Tumbler

If you are looking for a good gift for your coworkers, you should look at some travel coffee mug tumblers. I’m sure your coworkers will love it. These tumblers do not only hold coffee or tea but also water and other drinks.

They are lightweight, portable, and save you the need to buy and throw away plastic bottles. The best thing is you can enjoy them in the colors of your choice. There are a lot of companies that offer these tumblers now, and they won’t cost you much.

Candy Cane Brittle

Candy Cane Brittle

Candy Cane Brittle is a unique twist on the traditional holiday treat. It is easy to make and will be a big hit at your Christmas party. You can make this recipe with any add-ins of your choice. For example, you can add almonds or pecans or use milk chocolate instead of dark chocolate. It is a fun way to enjoy candy canes this holiday season.

Fleece Blankets

Fleece Blankets

The best gift for coworkers is something useful and something that will make their workday, or their lives, easier. Ask around the office and find out if there is something that they are always needing more of (post-it notes, pens, etc.). If you have a chance, look at your coworker’s desk and see if you can figure out what they use most often.

Maybe they could use a mug warmer, a new coffeemaker, or some espresso cups. These are all things that coworkers can use and enjoy, which will make their day go a little smoother.

Personalized Notebooks

Personalized Notebooks

Of course, we all love to give gifts to our coworkers, but when it’s about a gift for your boss, things become a little more difficult. But no need to worry, go for a Personalized Notebook. This notebook will be a perfect solution for any occasion, whether a birthday, a farewell, or just a thank you note.

For that matter, you can go for a Customized Notebook, as you can use any photo you like or any design. It is also very handy and easy to use, as it is a spiral-bound notebook.

DIY Snack Jar

The best gift to give to a coworker is your time and attention. Not only will this make them feel better, but it will also bring the whole office together. If time is an issue, then opt for a DIY snack jar. This is a wonderful gift for the office that costs only a few dollars. You can add healthy snacks like nuts, fruits, chocolate, and popcorn to this jar. This wonderful gift reminds your colleagues of your love and caring.


You might not be aware of the health benefits of having greenery. Indoor plants have been shown to improve productivity by up to 15%, improve work environments, act as mood-enhancers, and are economical.

You can choose a small desk plant with a pot for keeping things as a gift for your coworker. A bamboo plant with a small pot is the best choice. It is best suited for office spaces and is a great decorator. It is also one of the easiest plants to take care of.

Photo Mug

Photo Mug

A mug with your photo and name is a great gift for your coworkers or boss. We have a large collection of mugs for everyone. All these mugs come with your choice of photo and text on them. You can get the best photo mugs for coworkers if you send us your picture and text through the website.

Spa Day in a Basket

A Spa Day in a Basket is a wonderful gift for coworkers, especially if you want to spend some time with them. Spa baskets are great for spa parties in the office or as a way to say thank you. A Spa Day in a Basket is one of the best baskets for coworkers because it is perfect for any situation, whether you are planning a spa party, expressing appreciation, or just saying thank you. It’s a great way to show others how much you care and give them a good time.

Stemless Wine Glasses

Stemless wine glasses are one of the best presents for your coworkers. Here are a few reasons why:

  • They come in a variety of different colors and styles.
  • They are affordable.
  • They are easy to ship.
  • They are easy to handle.
  • They are easy to use.
  • They are dishwasher safe.
  • They look stylish.
  • They are fun to drink with! Your coworker will love this gift.

This is why stemless wine glasses are the best present for your coworkers.

Mouse Pads

Mouse Pads

Think about the personality and likes of the person you choose for the coworker gift. If you can, try to ask that person what they want. If you cannot get a definite answer, opt for something funny. Funny gifts can bring lightness to the office and allow you and the recipient to laugh together.

If you’re still unsure of what to get, and if you know that your coworker likes to use their computer a lot, you may want to consider a computer-related gift. Perhaps a mouse pad with a funny picture or a gift card to an online store where they can buy office supplies.

Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs are the best gift for coworkers. These are a gift that is affordable and easy to carry, and you can share them with your coworkers. It is proven to work like heaven for the group of women. It is a unique idea to make your office environment healthy and attractive.

And, if you want to make it different, you can even try making them at home. However, you can buy them from the market, and it will save your time and energy. Just choose the best one and make your coworkers enjoy their time in the bath.

Customizable Mouse

A customized optical mouse is such a good gift. It is small, compact, and convenient to carry, and it has a retractable cord to prevent tangled wires and tidy the desk space. The optical sensor is responsive to all surfaces, including hardwood floors, thick carpet, tile, or marble. It is a perfect gift to not just coworkers but also your parents, family, friends, classmates, and even your girlfriend or boyfriend. It is also a useful gift for someone who always sits in front of the computer or likes reading.

Snacks + Coffee Gift Basket

Snacks and coffee are great for any time of year, and you can find baskets designed for most occasions. The baskets are full of delicious snacks and gourmet coffee, so they will surely be a hit. Your coworker will appreciate the thoughtful gift you give them, and they will like the delicious snacks and coffee they receive!

Relaxing Candle

The best gift for coworkers would be the one that offers a moment of peace and relaxation. It can be a relaxing candle or a framed poster. Not only does it create a warm atmosphere in the office, but it also brings good feelings to everyone. A framed poster can also be a good gift if a candle is hard to find. However, the frame needs to be well-made to be a useful gift.

Tabletop Canvas Prints

A Canvas Art on a tabletop is a great addition to any office space. A tabletop canvas print is a personalized gift for your coworkers that will bring a smile to their faces and be a nice addition to any environment. The ability to customize the canvas art with text (for example, the office’s name) makes it a great gift for the group!

Wellness Pack

A well-curated wellness pack will certainly make your coworkers feel appreciated and valued. Good health has always been the key to productivity, and healthy people are less likely to get sick and put down the work, more likely to work past their scheduled hours, and more likely to concentrate better. Talk to the HR team about organizing a wellness seminar and a health screening, where you can give your coworkers some care packages.

Custom Jigsaw Puzzles

Custom jigsaw puzzles are an excellent choice for a gift for coworkers. Puzzles are a fun and inexpensive way to keep coworkers or employees in the workplace together. Friendly competition among coworkers can build camaraderie while also improving their artistic skills. Since puzzles are crafted according to your ideas and special instructions, they make excellent gifts.

How to make a cute gift bag?

For making gift bags, you can use paper and cloth materials. The easiest way to make a gift bag is to follow these steps:

1. First, take a square sheet of paper.

2. Fold that sheet in half vertically.

3. Fold the sheet in half lengthwise

4. Fold the sheet horizontally.

5. Slowly open the sheet and fold the right-hand side corner to the center.

6. Fold the left-hand side corner to the center as well.

7. Bring the top and bottom edges together.

8. Tie the top and bottom corners together with ribbon or string.

Use this idea for making gift bags.

How to avoid office gift exchange troubles?

Here are the steps in this order:

1. When you receive the office gift exchange invitation, accept it by sending the gift and the amount you will spend.

2. When the party is held, do not exceed your declared amount.

3. When you receive the gift you have sent, don’t open it in front of the giver.

4. Do not keep the gift if you don’t like it. Exchange.

5. Return the gift to the sender anonymously if they gave you any indication that they would prefer that.

6. Do not gossip about any gifts received or given.

How to provide the gift that you put thought into?

To give a gift with a touch of thought and care, you can do the following things:

1. Find a very personal gift, either a decorative gift item or an item that means something to the recipient. If you can, find an item with a direct link to the recipient, an item that was once owned by someone you both knew.

2. When giving a decorative item with a particular significance, such as a family heirloom, or a very personal gift, it’s best to wrap it in silver paper with a note explaining its significance.

3. If the gift is more material than symbolic, you can always write a card.

How to Find the Best Gift for Your Coworkers?

Finding the perfect gift for your coworkers is a fun challenge, but it can get overwhelming when you find one for an entire group. When in doubt, start with the little things that make the office happier for everyone.

Everyone loves receiving a Starbucks gift card, a fresh bouquet, or a nice candle that smells good. Consider a fancy lunch or dinner if you need a bigger gift for your boss or manager. An after-hours happy hour at a local bar or restaurant is a sure hit, even during the work week.

What do you put in appreciation gift bags?

We suggest the following:

1. Card: Your thank-you note and business card should be your first item in the bag. It’s a good way to introduce yourself and show them you care about their business.

2. Chocolate: Everyone loves chocolate! Even if you don’t want to spend too much on this, remember to put at least one thing of chocolate in your bag.

3. Coin: It’s a symbol of prosperity and wealth. Perfect for motivating your customers.

4. Leaf: As the saying goes, “You are the leaf on the tree of life.” You should be admired and valued, especially by your customers.

5. Candy: It’s sweet, simple, and cheap, and it’s a wonderful way to show you care.

6. Chapstick: It’s an essential item and cheap! Be nice to your clients, and you will receive the same treatment.

Here are some more easy and affordable gifts for coworkers

Frequently Asked Question

What do you put in a staff gift bag?

It depends on what type of company you work in. If it’s a business, you can put a business card holder, a nice pen, a pencil cozy, a coffee mug, cookies, chocolates, etc. In the creative industry, you might want to include personalized notebooks, wireless mice, etc. It’s important, however, to stay within your budget. Don’t try to spend too much. Otherwise, it will look cheap. Also, you can include a nice pen, cookies, and chocolates.

How much should you spend on coworker gifts?

Your spending on your coworkers should depend on how close they feel to you. If they are close friends, you may want to spend a little more on them as a token of appreciation. If you have only worked with them for a short period, you may want to go cheap, not to overextend yourself or appear to be cheap. If you are the boss, you should probably spend a little more on your employees to ensure that your generosity is returned by hard work.


Overall, the things we mentioned can help you choose the best gift bag ideas for coworkers without any fuss and difficulty. Here you will find all the information you need about the best gift bag ideas for coworkers, and we hope the blog will help you choose the best gift bag ideas for coworkers.

The Holiday season is the time of the year when people are all excited to gift something to their loved ones. A gift is a symbol of love and care, and it is believed to be more effective when gifted in a presentation box.

At the same time, presentation matters, and the gift choice is equally important. To make the gifts look attractive, people choose gift bags for them. These bags are used for gifting the items and are kept aside for the recipients to open on occasion.

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