21 Best Gifts to Celebrate a New Big Sister


September 8, 2022

Best Gifts to Celebrate a New Big Sister

In order to foster a positive sibling relationship from the beginning, it’s important to give big sister gifts in order to avoid jealousy from your older child. Our gift experts have handpicked our guide to the best big sister gifts in 2022.

Make the day of the new sibling’s arrival extra special by giving the new big sister a gift before the big day, or you can give a gift on the day that the new sibling is born. As a brand new sibling prepares to transition into the family, you may even want to give them a few small gifts along the way.

The big kid often thinks they are receiving a special gift from a younger sibling, which is a great way to make a good impression on the new kid.

An older sibling’s transition to their new role can be eased with a thoughtful gesture and meaningful gift. We’ve put together a list of the 21 best gifts to give a big sister.

21 Best Gifts for New Big Sister

If you are a new big sister, you probably have been wondering what to get your little one. You want to ensure they are happy and excited about their new sibling. Here is the ultimate list of gifts for new big sisters.

Big Sis” T-Shirt

Your soon-to-be older sister will take pride in their new role if they wear a specially designed t-shirt announcing their big sisterhood. This garment can be worn not just on the day of the birth of their new sibling but even long after it has been introduced to them.

Various styles can be found on the Internet, so you are sure to find one in your little one’s favorite style out of all the ones available. 

Sibling Bundle

This bundle comes with everything a newborn needs, including a blanket, hat, booties, socks, and more. The bundle also includes a cute outfit for the new baby.

First Year Book

A first yearbook is an excellent choice for a new big sister because it helps them remember their baby brother or sister as well as themselves when they were babies. This keeps them connected to their past selves.

Tula Mini Toy Carriers

The Tula Baby Carrier Company has introduced a new collection of miniature versions of their popular toy car carriers. The new carriers are crafted just like the regular-size models but perfectly sized for babies and toddlers. Each one features a unique design and a variety of colors and fabrics.

Children love mimicking what they watch, so why not let them imitate you? Set them up to mimic their parents using a baby carrier with a mini version. Crafted just like the larger model, a big sister will look right at home carrying her favorite stuffed animal or stroller around town.

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Doll

Girls of a certain age will enjoy caring for their very own baby doll. This loveable baby comes with a wide range of skin tones and hair types, so she’ll look just like her big sis. She’s perfect for little ones ages one to five and safe for children over 12 months old.

Helping out with chores, playing games, and cuddling are just some of the things you’ll do together. So pick up a baby doll today and start nurturing your future daughter.

Pacifier Necklace

Pacifiers are a necessity for any baby but especially for a new big sister. A necklace is a fun way to show off your parenthood skills.

Baby Blanket

It doesn’t matter if your baby is a boy or girl; blankets are always needed. This one is made from soft fleece material and is machine washable. Gif tp big sister so that they cuddle in this together and make a great bound,

Claire’s Mother Daughter Bracelets

This adorable pair of bracelets will surely bring smiles to everyone’s faces. They feature engraved words “Mother” and “Daughter.” Both bracelets have heart cutouts. This is a great way to remind your daughter of her special place in your life.

Best For Music Lovers: Wireless Earbuds

If you want to give someone the best present ever, check out our list of the best wireless earbuds for music lovers. These wireless earbuds are designed to keep your ears comfortable during intense workouts while still providing great sound quality. Thanks to built-in controls, they’re also super easy to use and come in tons of fun colors. Whether your friend likes listening to hip hop or classical tunes, she has a pair of wireless earbuds here.

Mini “Diaper Bag.”

There is no doubt you will carry about your old big bag as you tote about your little one around town, so why don’t you give it to her for storing toys and other items? When they learn to imitate you, they will feel more like the older sibling and proud of their new role. 

Rockets of Awesome

This awesome clothing subscription company sends unique clothes to recipients’ doorsteps. Take an online quiz to narrow things down and let the fun begin. When you’re done shopping, simply check out and wait for the package to arrive. You’ll never run into the same thing twice — unless you want to.

Baby Doll Stroller

Take a stroll around your neighborhood with your newest family member in a stroller for your big sister’s new baby doll. Little ones will love pushing their doll around in this doll stroller. Denim makes it durable and practical, and its simple design makes it easy to use.

Baby Monitor

Monitoring your child’s activity is important. These monitors allow you to see what your baby is doing without going near them. This will teach the big sister to look after her little sibling.

Coffee Mug & Wine Glass Holder

This is a wine glass holder and coffee mug combo. This one is perfect for wine lovers or people who like to drink coffee while watching TV. It makes an excellent gift for anyone who loves wine, coffee, or both.

The mug itself is made out of solid wood, and it’s finished in rich walnut. It’s got a nice texture to it, and it feels sturdy. There are no sharp edges, either, so there shouldn’t be any worries about dropping it.

There’s even a little space for writing inside the mug. You could write a name or something else to make it extra special.

The mug fits perfectly into this wooden frame, designed to look like a vintage picture frame. It’s a beautiful way to display your favorite beverage, and it’s sure to impress everyone who sees it.

The frame measures 7 inches tall x 3.5 inches wide x 2.5 inches deep and weighs just over 4 pounds. It’s made from American hardwoods and metal, and it’s been lacquered for durability.

You can choose from three colors: black, white, and natural oak.

Going to Be a Big Sister Personalized Book

This custom book is perfect for welcoming a new baby sister or baby brother into the family. You can choose her first and last names, the baby’s gender, and even the sender’s names on the dedication page. There are multiple options for customization, including adding photos, drawing illustrations, creating a collage, writing a personal note, and choosing font styles.

The recipient of this special gift will love seeing how much thought you put into it. This is a unique way to celebrate the arrival of a little princess.

Superhero cape for big sisters

Big sisters are superheroes – from caring for their little siblings to adjusting to their new role and bravely facing a life transition. The cape and mask will make her look like a princess. There are purple and pink versions of this set available on Amazon.

Manhattan Toy Baby Stella Doll

Girls of a certain age will fall head over heels for this adorable baby doll. She comes in a wide variety of skin tones and hair textures, so she fits perfectly into the family. Her eyes are open and closed, and her lips are pursed. She’s ready to cuddle and snuggle. And she’s just 15 inches tall. So she’s perfect for little hands and tiny fingers. This fun gift will surely make her happy.

I’m a Big Sister” Cookie Jar

Gifts will undoubtedly be given to your new baby when they arrive. It would be great if the new big sister could feel like a part of the celebration by getting this special cookie jar that includes the words “I’m a Big Sister” on the label, which would make her feel included in the gift-giving experience and not feel left out. This sentimental gift will help create a bond with the baby sibling.

Janie and Jack Matching Clothes

Janie and Jack’s adorable clothing collection is perfect for creating fun outfits for babies and toddlers. From cute dresses and tights to cosy sweaters and hats, you’ll find everything you need to make every day feel like little ones’ birthday parties.

The clothes range from everyday comfiness to exceptional party wear. You’re sure to find something that perfectly matches your baby girl’s style – whether she’s into pink princesses, denim jeans and sneakers, or floral prints and polka dots. This thoughtful gift will surely make everyone simile.

juju + stitch Big Sis Classic Crewneck Fleece, Pink

Your little girl will be proud to wear this sweet sweatshirt embroidered with “big sis”. The brand also offers adorable “little sis” and “little bro” onesies (which are also available from the brand.). The idea of welcoming siblinghood from the very beginning, and celebrating all members of the family, can then be fostered by this cute gifting technique.

In addition to being made out of 100 percent cotton and available in four different sizes for children, the juju + stitch sweatshirt is also a handy article of clothing. Still, the importance of the design makes this item sentimental, very personal, and a very thoughtful gift.

It’s a win-win situation for your daughter and you, which is a win-win situation in our book. The most important thing is that you are happy with your life. This is the perfect gift.

Beaded Big Sister Bracelet

Beaded bracelets might just get them excited about becoming big sisters while adding a touch of elegance. Their new role in the family can be seen daily by looking down at their wrist. Pinkandgreydesign on Etsy has the cutest little number.

Funky tassels add a funky touch to the bracelet, and the bracelet even comes with a cute pin heart gift bag. As your new older sibling takes on a new role in the family, this bracelet is the perfect way to show your pride.

Frequently Asked Question

What’s the Best Gift for a Sister?

You’ll receive the sister of the year award if you give her this with the coffee mug.

What Is the Best Gift for Big Sister?

A gift that truly reflects your sister’s amazingness is a fitting choice when choosing one for her.

What is a Big Sister T-Shirt?

You can help your soon-to-be older sibling take pride in their new role by giving them a t-shirt announcing they are becoming a big sister.

Where Can I Find a Big Sister T-Shirt?

Finn & Emma have created an adorable Big Sister t-shirt.

What Are The Best Baby Shower Gifts For Big Sisters?

With a touch of fancy, a sweet beaded bracelet might be just the thing to get them excited about becoming a big sister.

What Are Baby Books?

You can make your child feel special with a customized birth story book.

What Should Big Sister Do With Her Baby Bag?

If you’re toting your new baby around town in your big old diaper bag, you might as well give her the bag so she can carry toys and supplies around too.


When you become a big sister, you’ll feel pretty special. Not only does she get to experience a new phase of her life, but she gets to share it with someone else too. So celebrate this big day by gifting each other. Those above 21 gifts will help you choose the best gift for your new baby big sister.

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