amber temple dark gifts


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July 22, 2021

The Amber Holy Place Building

Prior to the session, I sent a PM to Tue celebration cleric in which his god commanded him to damage the evils trapped inside the temple. First chamber they found contacted us to the party wizard, a necromancer. He discovered the entire prospect dubious as heck and refused all three offers, allowing the cleric destroy them. Furthermore, each dark gift has a high opportunity of corruption to evil.

Yet when they ultimately reached his chamber, he had a really tough choice. The fighter intended his crossbows at one coffin. “If we get on a clock, so are you.” The cleric prayed to his divine being for guidance. “DESTROY THEM!” Ultimately, the cleric picked to approve all 3 deals as well as renounce his deity. Also, those dark bargains should have a genuine rate, such as was pointed out above (they can never leave the world themselves, or they die when Strahd’s power dies). When I ran Strahd, anyone that approved a dark bargain was, in a similar way to Strahd, linked to Barovia.

amber temple dark gifts

It was a large facility of catacombs, shrines, and also other rooms, however most especially, contained the evil spirits of numerous dark powers or demons. Although purposefully left undefined in previous variations of Ravenloft, Curse of Strahd a the vestiges, old spiritual remains of dead entities of deadly natures, held in the Amber Holy place. They are dark entities that can be communed with and also provide gifts of power tainted with linked problems. They can be directly communicated, as Strahd did when he [his sibling Sergei von Zarovich in return for the eternal life of undeath. When he made the deal, the Dark Powers turned Barovia into his jail on the Shadowfell. The Dark Powers continuously indulge upon Strahd’s evil. The beneficiary of this dark gift loses all of its teeth up until it reincarnates for the third as well as final time.

Of these adventurers, Shamruuc appeared most thinking about the power these satanic forces could give him, and also against the reasoning of his companions, approved several remnants of power. Doing so linked Shamruuc’s soul completely to Barovia and also the Aircraft of Dread in which it laid. Currently trapped within Barovia, Shamruuc went back to the Amber Temple after the loss of Strahd, eager to research under Exethanter. At some point, Shamruuc would certainly reveal the path to Lichdom, coming to be another enforcing figure in thrall of Kelemvor. Within the holy place, lived the Lich, Exethanter. An old being, Exethanter supervised the holy place, leading those that wanted, towards it’s dark keys.

There are 4 gold hawks on the bed struts. The space’s furnishings have actually been lowered to dust. There are mysterious symbols, which we believe were originally glyphs of warding yet are no longer wonderful. We push on, as well as discover crypts under the veranda near the entry, though we discover absolutely nothing of interest within. We think we have completed the holy place now, so we pick up lunch. As anticipated, this was a very enjoyable role-playing encounter. The group did not strike right away, though to be honest, that might have had some to do with the player that generally plays Ireena (paladin/sorcerer) not existing.

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