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September 27, 2021

Concerning Clint As Well As Emily

The scene finished with a depressing music and also Clint claiming, “I’m doomed.” His birthday celebration is on Wintertime 26 and much like any various other NPCs, he can recieve 2 gifts weekly.

Browse other inquiries marked stardew-valley or ask your very own question. The discussion Clint uses seems misleading, yet mostly all other discussion heart requirements are not as facility. As you promote a much better partnership with Emily and also Clint, Clint will approach you in a number of methods to help act upon the crush he has on Emily. Clint is an extremely beneficial person as well as you must attempt to remain on excellent terms with him as he aids you out a whole lot while upgrading your tools. There are two missions in which Clint actively seeks your aid. The initial one is on the sixth of Winter in which he asks you to provide Emily an Amethyst on his behalf because he is as well shy to do it himself. Clint is a simple guy and likes obtaining gifts which are originally from the mines.

He is very withdrawn and also tends to invest all day far from other citizens. He has a crush on Emily and comes to be anxious whenever she is present. DetailsClint says he has terrible good luck with women, and requests for your guidance.” Excite ladies with your toughness as well as charm.” You require to sign in or produce an account to do that.

So after that I reset the day, and I got her letter once more. The second mission is on the 17th of winter season in which he asks you to bring him an Iron bar. When you supply the bar you will certainly get 500 gold as well as another friendship heart. Clint likewise requests stuff on the notice board before Pierre’s shop. The benefit for these side quests is normally thrice the amount of the product in addition to 150 relationship factors. Clint may additionally ask you to slay some beasts in the caves yet the reward varies from monster to beast. Supposedly, Clint can additionally send you a copper, iron or gold bar in the mail.

stardew valley clint gifts

The type of bar is arbitrarily picked when you open your mail. Entering town from Marnie’s Ranch side will trigger a cutscene where clint finally asks Emily out. This cutscene will only show up if you’ve done the public house heart occasion. There are 3 events which occur throughout the course of your relationship with Clint. The initial one is at 3 hearts and Clint asks for your aid with girls in the hangout. At 6 hearts you catch Clint snooping on Emily and you convince him to man up and inform her how he feels.

On his birthday celebration, a certain discussion will be claimed relying on whether he likes it or otherwise. There are some intriguing dialogue entries from Emily pertaining to just how lonely Clint must go to his shop though, so I mean he could be striking while the iron is warm. Arqade is a question as well as answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. If you go into Clint’s area and also search in his drawer, you’ll get all kinds of hints regarding his personal life. This includes “a pile of blacksmith aprons, some magazines, an old sword, and an image of his mom.” ” Thrill ladies with your strength and also beauty.” +25 friendship points.

Clint is the neighborhood Blacksmith and is just one of one of the most essential individuals you will ever before satisfy in Stardew Valley. He is responsible for upgrading your tools along with opening up any one of the geodes that you offer him. Clint states that he’s dreadful with ladies, asked you for guidance. Emily strolls by and also will take Clint’s order.

Clint may arbitrarily request ores or coal at the “Assist Wanted” board outside Pierre’s General Shop. The incentive is an amount of gold that differs by requested item/amount. Keep in mind that you do not require to have any kind of ore/coal in supply to finish the mission. Once the needed items are gathered, just talking to Clint will certainly complete the quest.

The 7th heart occasion is simply a dish for Bean Hotpot which is delivered into your mailbox. Clint might arbitrarily request that you kill a certain number of Monsters or bring him an arbitrary product at the “Help Wanted” board. The benefit for killing beasts is an amount of gold that differs by the type as well as number of monsters requested. The benefit for item distribution is 3x the product’s base value and 150 Relationship factors.

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