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September 17, 2021

Stardew Valley Lewis Presents

He likes all Vegetables, consisting of Fiddlehead Fern, however excluding Jumps, Tea Leaves, as well as Wheat, which are global neutrals; and Unmilled Rice which is widely disliked. Lewis likes all Artisan Item, other than Eco-friendly Tea, which he loves; Oil, which is universally disliked; and Space Mayo, which he despises. The leaves are gathered from Tea Bushes during the last week of Spring, Summer Season, and Autumn. Tea Saplings can be crafted from two Wild Seeds, 5 Fiber, and five Wood after getting the dish from Caroline the day after her 2-Heart Event.

As long as you give Marnie ‘great’ things and also avoid apparent garbage things you’ll probably quell her. Mind that you can only provide somebody 2 gifts per week, so it’s much better to wait as well as provide her a better thing than nickel-and-diming her with minimal stuff. Among the most significant benefits that you can obtain from your friendship with Lewis is that he will send you gold from the Stardew Valley Agricultural Funds. The more hearts you have with him, the even more of a possibility you need to obtain money from him.

lewis gifts stardew valley

Tea Leaves placed into a keg will take three in-game hrs to brew right into Environment-friendly Tea. Glazed Yams is a cooked meal too, made with one Yam as well as one Sugar. ( The male loves Yams!) The dish can be acquired by seeing The Queen of Sauce on Loss 21 of Year 1. The meal itself, like numerous others, may additionally turn up in Krobus’ shop on Saturdays or at The Stardrop Hangout. Check your mail on that day and also you’ll locate a letter from Mayor Lewis, begging you to find his missing out on, purple shorts. There are no other ideas besides the truth that they’re purple.

Afterwards, Marnie will certainly ask why you lagged the house, and also your personality will run away, leaving the two alone and also confused. At any relationship degree above no friendship points, you might obtain gold in the mail from Lewis. The possibility of receiving gold in the mail raises as your friendship with Lewis rises. Lewis is not really particular when it pertains to gifts, actually there are a great deal of things that you can give him that he loves. He loves veggie Assortment, Fall’s Bounty, Hot Pepper, Glazed Yams as well as all Universal Loves. All material on this site (“the Site”) is the building of StardewValleyGuide.org. The collection and setting up of content on this Website are the special residential or commercial property of StardewValleyGuide.org and also are protected by copyright as well as various other copyright laws.

The first choice, “Yes … but I’ll keep it a secret,” will certainly acquire you 50 relationship factors with Lewis, while the latter will certainly lose you 100 points.Neither choice will certainly affect your relationship with Marnie. Regardless of your choice, Marnie will question why you were hiding behind the house in the first place, and you will certainly run away. Lewis’ timetable is a little uncommon; where most Pelican Town locals will stick to a regular that varies every day of the week, Lewis’ routine will certainly run on more of a month-to-month pattern.

He’ll grant you 750g and also one relationship heart if you satisfy the demand. Heart Events are cutscenes that occur once you reach a specific number of hearts with a villager. Each villager has a various number of Heart Events, and also sometimes, they may just occur in the kind of a letter having a gift or recipe.

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