How to Give Gifts: 14 Ways to Find the Best Present for Someone


September 30, 2022

Giving gifts is fun. It’s also stressful, but that’s part of the process. It gets easier with practice if you know what to look for and how to listen. Furthermore, it can be a great way to show your appreciation for someone who has helped you out in some way.

I’ve been giving gifts for years now, and I still have trouble picking out something appropriate. What are some tips on gift-giving? The key is patience and persistence—and knowing your recipient well enough to know what will make them happy. So how do you find a good gift? read on to find out the tips-

14 Ways to Find the Best Present for Someone-You Love

Finding a present that will make someone you love happy is an art. It’s not just about buying something and giving it to them, but rather finding the right gift that makes their heart sing with joy. If you are looking for ideas on finding the best present for someone you love, this article can help. We have compiled some of our favorite tips from around the web to help you pick the perfect gift.

1. Listen to what your friend talks about.

Try to listen to what your friend talks about. What do they talk about? What do they say they want, like, and dislike? Do they ever talk about things that are missing from their life or how much better it would be if something were different? Also, when you’re talking with them, pay attention to what kind of gifts they like to receive. For example, if you want to give an experience instead of a physical gift (like tickets), try asking them what type of experiences they would enjoy or think about doing someday. This will help you narrow down your search. That way, you can give thoughtful gifts easily.

2. Pay attention to the things they mention desiring.

Pay attention to the things they mention desiring.

You can learn a lot about someone by listening to what they say about what they want and paying attention when they mention something as a dream or wish. For example, if you’re talking with your friend and she tells you how excited she’d be if her favorite brand of makeup came out with new colors, that’s probably a good sign that if you get her makeup for Christmas, it’ll go over well (especially if it has those new colors.).

Another way to find out what people might like is by looking for clues in their conversation. For example, if your friend loves coffee but dislikes tea or coffee-flavored food items, then maybe don’t try making them cupcakes with coffee frosting. And asking people directly is always another good option—just make sure not to ask too early so it . doesn’t spoil any surprises.

3. Take stock of what they already have.

Before you get started on the perfect gift, it’s important to pause and think about what your recipient already has. If they’re anything like me, they probably have plenty of stuff they love and don’t need more of.

For instance, if someone has a favorite pair of shoes or an old watch that still works just fine—and they’ve been wearing those things for years—it’s unlikely that any new ones would make them happier than the old ones already do. So before you go shopping for something specific (like another pair of shoes), consider whether or not what is already in use might be enough for your friend or loved one.

4. Make a list and keep it handy.

Next, list things you are interested in buying for the people on your list. Make sure to include the items that would make them happy and items that would be useful for them. Make a separate list for each person and keep it handy so you will always know what gifts to buy when the time comes.

When you find something that looks like it might be a good fit, write it down on your list so you can remember later on when shopping begins. The same applies if an idea pops into your head while shopping or browsing online—write it down immediately.

5. Don’t wait for a birthday or the holidays to buy them a gift.

Don’t wait for a birthday or the holidays to buy them a gift. If you’re really good at gifting, you’ll be able to surprise someone every day of their life with something new that shows how much you care about them.

You might be wondering: “But what if I miss some days?” Don’t worry, because there are plenty of other opportunities to give gifts on any day of the year. In addition, you can get creative by giving gifts on random days (or even invented ones) like Mugged-a-Duck Day or National Receipt Printer Day. The possibilities are endless.

6. Personalize it or make it yourself if you can.

If you have a gift in mind but don’t know what to buy, personalizing it or making it yourself is usually a good choice.

Why? Because no two people are alike—and that’s why personalized gifts are so great. When you make something for someone, you’re showing that you’ve taken the time to really understand their tastes and preferences. For example: If your friend loves baseball and has been complaining about their old baseball cap for years, make them one. Or, if your sister loves books but hasn’t read John Green’s new novel yet (because she couldn’t get her hands on it), surprise her with an early copy.

The same goes for custom clothing items—or accessories like jewelry or handbags. Make sure they’ll fit the recipient before giving them away, though.

7. Do some detective work.

Next time you need a gift, do some sleuthing. That is, ask questions of the person in question. Listen to what they say and watch what they do. Look at what they post on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Read their blog posts,, emails, or letters if you can access them. Think about the things that are important and meaningful in their lives—what does this person like? What does this person need? What does this person already have?

You can even ask other people for ideas about what your loved one might enjoy as a gift. You’ll be surprised how many people will be willing to help you out when it comes down to finding something great for someone special in your life

8. Think about the things that bring them joy.

Ask them what their favorite thing is or what they enjoy doing. If someone has a passion for something, they’ll be more than happy to tell you about it and share their joy.

Ask them what they want to do more of or what they wish they had more time to do. For example, some people enjoy hiking and camping while others like going out dancing every weekend. Your gift can help them achieve these goals—and get some quality time in with the person who loves them.

Ask them what they are passionate about. A person can be passionate about so many things: cooking, gardening, reading books…you name it. With a gift card for classes at the local art museum or community college bookstore, you could encourage your loved one to pursue their passions by giving them something that would make their life easier (like kitchenware or gardening tools). Many options are available regarding what interests both parties share (from art classes at an adult education center nearby).

9. Asking other people is okay, but don’t overdo it.

  • If you’re looking for a gift for your friend, don’t ask everyone else.
  • Don’t ask too many people.
  • Do not ask people who don’t know the person well enough or may be biased.

10. Practice your sleuthing skills by doing some stalking on social media.

  • Think about the person you are buying a gift for.
  • Read their social media accounts or other public information to see what they like to do, eat, drink and listen to. You can also find out what their hobbies are and what they’re interested in by looking at their posts on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

11. Consider their hobbies, faith, and family traditions you can incorporate into your gift-giving ideas

Before you start thinking about what to get someone for their birthday, you have to figure out who they are. What do they like? What do they want to read? For example, if a person loves baseball, maybe consider getting them a book on baseball history or an autographed ball from one of the current players. The more specific your gift is to their interests, the more appreciated it will be by the recipient.

12. Identify their favorite book or movie characters and go from there.

Identify the character. Start with the basics: Who is your recipient’s favorite character? That can be as specific or general as you want it to be.

Consider their personality and interests. Are they bold and confident leaders like Xena or Joan of Arc? Do they constantly find themselves in trouble, like Harry Potter or Ron Weasley? Or are they more reserved and private, like Hermione Granger or Bilbo Baggins? If you know that your recipient loves books and movies, then this will likely help narrow down their preferences even further.

Consider what type of person they are regarding hobbies, faith traditions, and family celebrations—even their favorite song could provide insight into what kind of gift would make them smile.

13. Consider giving them something you enjoy as well to share an experience with them, like tickets to an event or museum admission or a trip somewhere you’ve both wanted to go.

Consider giving them something you enjoy as well to share an experience with them, like tickets to an event or museum admission or a trip somewhere you’ve both wanted to go.

This gift can be as simple as inviting someone over for dinner, or it could be something more elaborate such as paying for their airfare and lodging if they’re willing to tag along on your next vacation. You might even consider buying them a membership card so they can visit all sorts of attractions that interest both of you.

This is one way of ensuring that the person will continue to see value in the gift long after it’s been given—and it also lets the recipient know how much thought went into choosing just what would make him happiest.

14. Check online websites that the person frequents for wish lists.

Baby registries and wedding wish lists are not the only things you can put on wish lists. Members of some commercial websites can make wish lists that can be public if the member permits it. Visit the website and search for the person’s name if you know they do a lot of online shopping there. The list might be long, and you’ll be able to choose from a variety of items.

  • The person may have added a specific type of blender to their wish list. The website allows you to purchase it if that is the case.
  • When selecting something from a registry, make sure you indicate that you bought it. You will be able to guarantee that the same gift won’t be given to anyone else.

What is the four-gift rule?

Recently, the “four gift rule” has gained traction on social media. A parent pledges to give their children just four presents:

  • One thing they want.
  • One thing they need.
  • One thing they want to wear.
  • One thing they want to read to them.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What love language is giving gifts?

Giving a gift is a gesture of affection and care for people who have gifts as a love language because it shows they were thinking about you while you were away. Also, it becomes a physical reminder of the moment, the experience, or the feeling memorialized by the gift.

What is a symbolic gift?

Giving gifts is often a way to demonstrate our love and appreciation for the person who receives them, regardless of the occasion. Gifts themselves can also be symbolic. The gift may have a hidden meaning that indicates a special bond between the giver and the recipient.

Is it rude to open a present in front of someone?

You should open presents in front of them during the holidays, at a party, or one-on-one, so they can participate in the “unveiling,” and you can thank them.

What is a perfect gift?

Some gifts are perfect because their recipients will use them.


In conclusion, I hope this article helps you find the best present for someone. Then, use those tricks and become a reason for someone’s simile.

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